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  • Your Participation Matters...it does make the difference.

    Your gifts, combined with those of others, help bridge the gap between tuition revenues and actual expenses, helping to sustain Wheaton's excellence. More »
  • Wheaton Students Don't Stand Still

    They join clubs—or form new ones.  They attend lectures and plays, political rallies and rugby games.  There’s room to stand as alums, too, and supporting the Wheaton Fund is one of those ways. More »
  • The race is on!

    As of April 19th, 130 new donors from the classes of 1990-2009 have made a gift to Wheaton in support of the "Stand Up 4 Wheaton Challenge: 2010"  Right now, the highest responders have been in the classes of 2005 - 2008.  More »
  • How will my gift be used?

    All gifts will support every student, professor, program and department on campus.  This is a great time to give to Wheaton through the Wheaton Fund.  Remember, your gift will have five times the impact. More »
  • Think of this...

    If every one of you who has yet to make a gift this year gave just $10, the total would come to $50,000. More »
  • Stand Up

    Be Counted More »