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German and German Studies



  • Shawn Peaslee '12

    Shawn Peaslee '12

    "I presently live in Wiesbaden, and just landed a job as an English, Politics and Geography teacher at the Obermayr Europa Schule in RĂ¼sselsheim." More »
  • Haley Gallant '12

    Haley Gallant '12

    "Currently I am living in Berlin and working for a start-up web-based company." More »
  • Joe Bedetti '06

    Joe Bedetti '06

    "I am a high school teacher at St. Johns International School in Brussels, Belgium. I teach social studies." More »
  • Kimberly Lakowsky '04

    Kimberly Lakowsky Durley '04

    "I teach German at a small high school in Connecticut. I'm also a wife and a mother of one!" More »
  • Rachel MacNeill '04

    Rachel MacNeill '04

    "I'm the Deputy Director of Corporate Development for Citizen Schools, a nonprofit afterschool and education reform organization in San Francisco. Basically, I raise money from companies in support of our mission." More »