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Minor requirements

Asian Studies minor worksheet

Asian Studies minors are required to take at least five of the courses listed below. Courses in Asian languages beyond Wheaton’s two-semester language requirement may be counted toward the Asian Studies minor. At least one of the five courses taken to satisfy the minor requirements must be at the 300 level.

ANTH 295 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
ANTH 298 The Anthropology of Islam

CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese II

or ECON 332 Economic Development
ECON 233 Sweatshops in the World Economy
ECON 305 International Finance
ECON 306 International Trade

HIST 251 Early Islamic Societies
HIST 252 The Modern Middle East

JAPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II

MUSC 211 World Music: Eurasia
MUSC 221 Music and Dance of South Asia
MUSC 282 Music and Worship in World Cultures
MUSC 309 Music Nationalism and Identity

Political Science
POLS 209 Chinese Foreign Policy
POLS 223 Contemporary Chinese Politics
POLS 263 The Politics of the Middle East
POLS 347 Islamic Political Thought

REL 102 Introduction to the Study of World Religions
REL 108 Engaged Buddhism
REL 109 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
REL 212 Sacred Texts of Asia
REL 230 Mysticism and Spirituality
REL 316 Islam: Faith and Practice
REL 325 Hinduism: Thought and Action
REL 326 Buddhism: Thought and Action


Theatre and Dance Studies
THEA 276 World Theatre: Global Perspectives

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