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Animal Behavior



Minor requirements

Animal Behavior minor worksheet

The minor in animal behavior consists of minimum five courses.

Required courses

PSY 226 or BIO 226 Comparative Animal Behavior
PSY 348 Laboratory in Animal Communication and Cognition

Two of the following courses
PSY 203 Child Development
PSY 211 Learning and Memory
PSY 225 Brain, Mind and Behavior
BIO 211 Genetics
BIO 215 Ecology
BIO 252 Parasitology and Symbiosis
BIO 255 Vertebrate Evolution and Anatomy
BIO 290 Biology of Whales
BIO 291 Introduction to Marine Mammals

One of the following courses
PSY 312 Perception
PSY 337 Practicum in Psychological Research
PSY 341 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience
BIO 303 Evolution
BIO 320 Evolution of Invertebrates
BIO 375 Ornithology
BIO 390 Biology of Fishes

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