Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Welcome International Students

Dear Prospective International Students,

My name is Magda Sofia Izaguirre Solis and I am an international student from Honduras. On behalf of the International Student Association (ISA), I encourage you to become a part of our distinctive community. As an active club, the ISA strives to bring a little of the world to Wheaton students. Globalization is ever-growing, so it is of the utmost importance to become comfortable interacting with individuals of all nationalities. The ISA seeks to encourage this by creating awareness of important facts, events and customs of many countries to the diverse student body on campus. The ISA is always looking forward to new additions and potential members of our association that will bring a unique perspective of their culture to Wheaton College. We hope you will join us!


Magda Sofia Izaguirre Solis, Class of 2014
ISA Committee

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