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   Spotlight On: First-Year Writing

Photo Hailey HestonFor her First-Year Writing class last fall, Hailey Heston ('17) tackled the question "What is good writing?" Here's an excerpt from her response:

 A Process Not A Product

photo of paper and stones

"Vermont" by Hailey Heston*

What is good writing? Where does it come from? Could you pick it out from a pile of books? Poems? Scientific journals? Could you write it yourself if given the time? Though it is easy to articulate the components of bad writing and what makes a piece uninteresting or just plain awful to read, there is no clear definition of good writing. Bad writing has concrete flaws, while the qualities of good writing vary from writer to writer, genre to genre, and reader to reader. All good writing, however, consists of a core, deliberate idea that is creatively elaborated upon to involve the reader until clear purpose is achieved. Sources of good writing also vary, as good writing does not come from one person, or even one type of person. It results from a process of dedication to the craft of writing and appreciation of constructive feedback and input, rather than a natural skill or inherent mindset. [Read the rest of Hailey's essay.]

*"Vermont" is from Hailey's photo blog "Wandering, Wondering."


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