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  • Resist: Queerness and Queering

      The WIIH presents RESIST an insightful and beautiful short documentary about queerness and queering. Leury Holguin '19 (double major in Film Production & Social Change and Hispanic Studies) directs this crisp production and Sol Martínez Guevara '19 (double major in Sociology and Hispanic Studies) share their experience and understanding of queerness.  Putting the WIIH theme "Queering […] More »
  • "Making Suffering Visible," a lecture by Margot Weiss

      The WIIH hosted Margot Weiss on March 9th at 5pm in Meneely 103. Dr. Weiss gave a talk entitled: “Making Suffering Visible: Critique in Queer Left Activism and Anthropology.” Margot Weiss is an Associate Professor of American Studies and Anthropology at Wesleyan University. She is a specialist in Queer theory and feminist anthropology. Weiss’s […] More »
  • The WIIH at the 2016 Celebration of the Humanities 

    On Thursday, October 6, WIIH co-director Professor Montserrat Pérez Toribio along with two current Wheaton students Gavriel Cohn and Pia Parisi-Marcoux attended the 2016 Celebration of the Humanities presented by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities. This council promotes public understanding and appreciation of the tradition of thought and accomplishment that we call the humanities. Its work is based on […] More »
  • Marie Hélène/Sam Bourcier on Tour

    November 14, 2016   THE TRIANGLE AND THE UNICORN A lecture on the difference between Gay & Lesbian Politics and Queer & Transfenibist Biopolitics Marie Hélène / Sam Bourcier   Bourcier is a queer activist and theorist who teaches at the University of Lille. He is the translator of Monique Witting and Teresa de Lauretis and […] More »
  • WIIH and QTPOC Present: Mala Mala

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  • WIIH Sponsored Student Approaches to Sexual Assault Prevention

    On May 2nd and 4th, 2016 from 12:30-1:50 in Meneely 105, WIIH students will be presenting on their approach to sexual assault prevention in the college campus. Student proposals are shaped by their knowledge of medical anthropology, public health and by the kind support of our alumni who shared their expertise with our WIIH Executive […] More »
  • 2016 Violence Against Women Symposium

    Every time Violence Against Women is taught our students engage in a campus wide initiative to raise awareness of the issue raised by this type of violence in our community and beyond. This year the course is part of the Wheaton Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities. Our students presented feature films, lectures, made their own activist films […] More »
  • Elephants in the Room: Four South African Women Artists Address Hidden Issues

    South African artist and activist Sue Williamson presents a lecture about South Africa's emerging and mid-career women artists, with an emphasis on how each engages with a particular social problem. Thursday, April 28, 2016 Ellison Lecture, Watson Fine Arts, 5:00 p.m. More »
  • Dr. Sameena Mulla: The Violence of Care

    Dr. Sameena Mulla is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Marquette University (WI). She will be discussing her most recent book entitled "The Violence of Care: Rape Victims, Forensic Nurses and Sexual Assault Intervention."  Drawing on four years of participatory research in a Baltimore emergency room, Sameena Mulla reveals the realities of sexual assault response […] More »
  • Meet our Executive Fellows

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