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  • Sanding gyrofastigia

    Sanding Gyrobifastigia

    Using sandpaper and acetone to smooth out the 26th Johnson Solid models printed in multiple colors from our MakerBot. More »
  • iRobot Creates Spirals

    Long-Exposure Photographs of iRobot Creates Dancing

    Watching iRobot Create robots square dance while carrying glow sticks! More »
  • PowerMac G5 Couch (Summer 2012)

    Recycling Power Mac G5 Chassis

    It debuted in 2003 and the case is still a thing of beauty. More »
  • Printed Bigyrate Diminished Rhombicosidodecahedron

    Printing Johnson Solids

    Norman Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics here at Wheaton, identified a collection of polyhedra that are convex and have non-uniform regular polygonal faces: the Johnson Solids. There are 92 in total -- we're printing out all of them! More »
  • gothic_cathedral_1

    Gothic Cathedral Printing

    We printed a copy of Michael Curry's Gothic Cathedral model from Thingiverse. See MakerBot's time-lapse video from printing their own copy. More »
  • Jose

    Machine Building in COMP 299

    There's nothing like rolling up your sleeves and learning to make things. So, in the spring of 2012, COMP 299 built some machines. More »