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Website Policies, Legal Notices, Site Credits and Contacts


  • Wheaton College's policies, including the Honor Code, Wheaton Community Standards, and Acceptable Use of Campus Network and Computing Systems, apply to your use of wheatoncollege.edu and insideWheaton.
  • College resources, including insideWheaton, are provided for the benefit of the entire community. It is a violation of the Honor Code and the Wheaton Community Standards to:
    • Misrepresent your identity while using this system
    • Steal or destroy college information
    • Obtain or view private information belonging to another person without his or her authorization
    • Damage or disrupt college computing facilities or the campus network
  • If your image appears on wheatoncollege.edu or insideWheaton and you'd rather it didn't, please let us know by sending an email message to web AT wheatoncollege DOT edu.

Legal Notices

  • If you believe that material on our sites violates your copyright, please contact Wheaton's agent for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act at DCMA AT wheatoncollege DOT edu.
  • Some of the links on this site take you to websites not owned or controlled by Wheaton College; Wheaton College is not responsible for the content or practices of these sites.

Site Credits

  • Wheaton College's websites are maintained through a collaboration between the college's Web Strategy Team and Communications Office. Additional technical support is provided by the staff of Library and Information Services.
  • The site's content is maintained by administrative staff, faculty and students. These individuals partner with us to keep wheatoncollege.edu and insideWheaton current, engaging and accurate.

Site Contacts

Wheaton's Web Strategy Team provides services, information and facilities to support college departments; imagination and new technologies to help them meet their program goals; standards and designs to bring quality and coherence to the overall college web presence; a prod to keep it all moving; and the coordination and leadership to keep it all moving together. You may contact the team at web AT wheatoncollege DOT edu.

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