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Major requirements

The major in Theatre and Dance Studies is administered jointly by the theatre and English departments. It includes a minimum of twelve courses: eight from theatre and four from English (or other departments offering dramatic literature courses during a given semester--see explanation below).

Three concentrations are available within the major: acting/directing, theatre design and dance. The major must include three courses at or above the 300 level.

With careful planning and appropriate approval, double majors and self-designed majors are also welcome possibilities.

Acting/Directing and Design/Tech

Acting/Directing and Design/Tech major worksheet

Required courses

THEA 101 Beginning Acting
THEA 103 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 205 Stagecraft
THEA 275 The History of Western Theatre
THEA 276 World Theatre: Global Perspectives
/THEA 471 Ensemble Experiments
(by department interview only)
or THEA 399 Selected Topics

THREE courses in one of the following areas as specialization:


THEA 202 Beginning Directing
THEA 211 Intermediate Acting
THEA 311 Intermediate Directing
THEA 351 Advanced Acting


THEA 210 Introduction to Design
THEA 302 Introduction to Lighting Design
THEA 310 Intermediate Stage Design

Dramatic Literature
ONE course from:
ENG 309 Shakespeare and the Performance of Cultures
ENG 310 Shakespeare and the Company He Keeps

TWO of the following courses:
CLAS 254 The Drama of Fifth-Century Athens
ENG 241 Modern Drama
ENG 246 Modern Irish Literature
ENG 252 Contemporary Drama: The Tip of the Iceberg
ENG 273 Malcontents, Monarchy and Revenge in Early Modern Drama
ENG 274 Restoration Theatre and Beyond
ENG 287 or CW 287 Writing for Performance
or CW 288 Playwriting: Form and Craft
or CW 388 Advanced Playwriting
MUSC 292 Broadway Bound: American Musical Theatre
THEA 215 Theatre and Social Change
A second semester of Shakespeare.

Dance Track

The Dance Studies Track in Theatre at Wheaton College trains students in the creative art of movement, through both practical experience and intellectual inquiry. Students work towards proficiency in a particular tradition, acquiring both physical and verbal language skills pertinent to their focus, while being exposed to a global awareness of movement and its ability to articulate and express ideas of identity, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, race and nationalism. Students learn to recognize and distinguish the many diverse sources of dance, including historical and contemporary streams of socio-cultural influence and the ever-inspiring natural world that surrounds us. The integration of body, mind and spirit informs intellectual and expressive pursuits essential to the dance track such as dance technique, choreography, production, aesthetic integrity, dance history and dance ethnography. The dance track is one step towards preparing students for further study and/or careers in the fields of performance, choreography, dance education and administration.
Dance Track major worksheet

Required Courses

THEA 103 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 275 The History of Western Theatre
THEA 276 World Theatre: Global Perspectives

TWO courses in Theatre/Production:
THEA 101 Beginning Acting
THEA 205 Stagecraft
THEA 210 Introduction to Design
THEA 302 Introduction to Lighting Design

TWO courses in Technique:
THEA 110 Jazz Dance
THEA 140 Ballet
MUSC 222 West African Mande Dance and Music

TWO courses in Dance History:
MUSC 262 Vernacular Dance in America
MUSC 292 Broadway Bound: American Musical Theatre
MUSC 315 Politics of Movement

ONE course in World Dance:
MUSC 211 World Music: Eurasia
MUSC 212 World Music: Africa and the Americas
MUSC 221 Music and Dance of South Asia

ONE option from the following:
THEA 320 Dance Company
THEA 399 Selected Topics

Capstone Experience

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