Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Theatre and Dance Studies




THEA 101 Beginning Acting
THEA 102 Public Speaking
THEA 211 Intermediate Acting
THEA 298 Experimental Courses
THEA 351 Advanced Acting


THEA 202 Beginning Directing
THEA 311 Intermediate Directing
THEA 399 Selected Topics

Theatre design

THEA 205 Stagecraft
THEA 210 Introduction to Design
THEA 220 Stage Management
THEA 250 Costume Construction
THEA 302 Introduction to Lighting Design
THEA 310 Intermediate Stage Design
THEA 399 Selected Topics

Theatre history

THEA 275 The History of Western Theatre
THEA 276 World Theatre: Global Perspectives
THEA 292 American Musical Theatre


THEA 110 Jazz Dance
THEA 140 Ballet
THEA 320 Dance Company
THEA 399 Selected Topics

Other courses

THEA 020 Rehearsal and Production
THEA 099 Selected Topics
THEA 103 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 198 Experimental Courses
THEA 199 Selected Topics
THEA 215 Theatre and Social Change
THEA 299 Selected Topics
THEA 398 Experimental Courses
THEA 471 Ensemble Experiments
THEA 500 Individual Research

Interview Courses

THEA 001 Interview for Beginning Acting
THEA 002  Interview for Intermediate Acting
THEA 003 Audition for Dance Company
THEA 004 Audition for Advanced Acting
THEA 005 Interview for Intermediate Stage Design
THEA 008 Interview for Introduction to Design
THEA 009 Interview for Stagecraft
THEA 010 Interview for Public Speaking
THEA 011 Audition for Jazz Dance
THEA 012 Audition for Ballet
THEA 014 Interview for Stage Management
THEA 016 Interview for Custome Design

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