Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Introductory/core courses

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 104 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 141 Statistics for Social Sciences
SOC 190 Self and Society
SOC 201 Sociological Theory
SOC 202 Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 204 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 301 Sociological Theory
SOC 302 Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 402 Senior Seminar
SOC 403 Senior Pro-seminar
SOC 500 Individual Research

Deviance and social control

SOC 111 Criminology
SOC 221 Deviance and Social Control
SOC 240 Conflict and Genocide
SOC 311 Violence against Women

Inequality and social change

SOC 200 Social Movements
SOC 210 Inequality
SOC 230 Race and Ethnicity
SOC 260 Gender Inequality
SOC 265 Food and Society
SOC 270 Immigration
SOC 290 Sociology of Sexualities
SOC 295 Globalization
SOC 305 Community in the Digital Age
SOC 310 Gender and Nation
SOC 320 Race, Gender and Poverty
SOC 350 Asians and America

Institutions and social organization

SOC 175 Media and Society
SOC 215 Working: Society and the Meanings of Work
SOC 225 Health and Medicine
SOC 235 Families in Transition
SOC 245 How Organizations Work
SOC 255 Living in Cities: Urban Sociology
SOC 285 Latino Community
SOC 315 Society, Technology and the Environment
SOC 322 Sociology of Law
SOC 345 How Organizations Work: Internship
SOC 362 Sociological Practicum

Specialized methods

SOC 262 Mapping Society: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
SOC 272 Analyzing Social Trends
SOC 282 Visual Sociology
SOC 392 Feminist Research

Other courses

SOC 099 Selected Topics
SOC 198 Experimental Courses
SOC 199 Independent Study
SOC 298 Experimental Courses
SOC 299 Independent Study
SOC 398 Experimental Courses
SOC 399 Selected Topics
SOC 499 Independent Research

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