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New Student Orientation and Move-In - August

New Student Orientation and Move-In for First-Year and Transfer students, August 26-28, 2017, includes various events and opportunities to give you the tools necessary to succeed as a student and prepare you to become a member of the Wheaton community.

In addition, Wheaton offers three specialized programs, beginning on August 24, for the following populations:

  1. Abilities 1st! Pre-Orientation is designed especially for students with learning disabilities. Various workshops are offered for students and their families to ease the transition to college.
  2. International Pre-Orientation is created for students who are attending Wheaton from abroad. We provide useful information about your visa status, options for employment and overall transition to Wheaton and the United States. Please note: International students may move in to your residence hall on August 23.
  3. Intercultural Pre-Orientation is particularly relevant for students from traditionally underrepresented groups/backgrounds. We provide an opportunity for our students to get acclimated with a new and often unfamiliar environment, while meeting members of the college community who will share a common Wheaton experience in the years to come.

Please note: Participating in a Pre-Orientation program(except International)? You may move in to your residence hall on August 24.

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