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Are You A Leader?

Being a "leader" is a journey. It is the values you hold, the actions you take (or not) based on those values, how you transform something for the better and develop this potential in others. A leader is not a solitary pursuit but one that harnesses the energy of those around you.

Your Leadership Journey

A leader understands who they are; therefore, take your time and be honest. Most people dismiss this stage because the questions are "too easy" or "too hard".

    • Who Am I?
      Self-awareness is the foundation of your journey. Sometimes it is easier to think of someone else before thinking of yourself...
      So think of a person you consider a great leader...

        • What do they value?
        • How do you know what they value?
        • What are they good at?
        • What are they passionate about?

      Now, think of yourself...What do you value?

      • What experiences or influences in your life have contributed to what you value (gender, family, ethnicity, media, etc)?
      • How do others know what you value?
      • What are you good at?
      • What are you passionate about?
    • What Am I Like?
      Assessment tests such as Myers-Briggs and True Colors are helpful to identify your personality.
      Are you...

      • an extrovert or introvert
      • thinker or feeler
      • organized or spontaneous
    • Me First.
      Before you can understand others, you have to think a little deeper about yourself. Think about your experiences and influences that have contributed to your story and ask yourself:
      • Would your story change if one of your experiences/influences was different (sexuality, environment, nationality, etc)?
      • What do people assume about you? Why do they make these assumptions?
      • Do you make assumptions about others? Why do you make assumptions?
    • Expand Your Bubble.

      The answers to the above questions will help you realize how you will best be able to start making connections with other people. It is encouraged to participate in the following based on topics inside and outside of your identity:

      • take a course- browse through the course catalog for a description of potential classes.
      • attend a lecture- stay on the look out for guest speakers on the Campus Calendar
      • join an organization- check out all of Wheaton's clubs on Engage@Wheaton
      • introduce yourself to a new person
      • have a friend introduce you to a new person
    • Make Connections.

      Each person we meet has their own unique story, similar to ourselves. In order to build authentic relationships, we must be able to share our story first. By sharing we:

      • allow others to see us for who we are
      • become vulnerable
      • must be open to and accept different perspectives
        • ex: you may say you are from a suburb, but someone else may consider you from the city while another person sees you from the country
      • accept that as humans, we are constantly changing/growing


As you move forward in your journey, think about all the various ways to develop your path.

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