Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Learning Outcomes

Students can expect to be able to effectively narrate events and express physical and abstract concepts in Russian. Our students can expect a range of proficiency, starting with solid skills for Russian studies majors, and more refined skills for Russian Language and Literature majors, or students who have spent time on study abroad in Russia.

Literature and Culture
Students will develop critical knowledge of Russia's canonical and extra-canonical literary history, as well as familiarity with the broader culture (arts, drama, film and folklore.) Students from either major will be able to analyze, discuss and write about texts and culture, and will have experience in articulating and presenting their work.

Social Science Context
Students in both majors, but primarily those in Russian Studies, will be equipped to discuss Russian language and culture in its historical and political context. At least four faculty members teach courses in affiliated departments to broaden the students' experience with Russia.

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