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Language courses

We administer language proficiency/placement tests in September and January each year. A student may skip the first or the first two years of Russian and place directly into the advanced-level courses. Students who have taken two, three or more years of Russian at the secondary school level are expected to place into Russian 210 (or the Russian 240 series, with departmental permission).

RUSS 110 Beginning Russian I
RUSS 111 Beginning Russian II
RUSS 210 Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 211 Intermediate Russian II

Advanced language courses

Please note that these four courses are not sequential. They can be taken in any order.
RUSS 240 Advanced Russian I
RUSS 241 Advanced Russian Composition and Conversation
RUSS 242 Advanced Russian Conversation and Grammar
RUSS 243 Advanced Russian: Grammar, History, Politics
RUSS 343 Advanced Russian: Grammar, History, Politics

Literature and culture courses given in Russian

These courses are designed for Russian majors and are conducted in Russian, but are open to all qualified students with permission of the department.
RUSS 351 Selected Prose Writers
RUSS 352 Russian Poetry
RUSS 370 Russian for the Arts, Business and Politics
RUSS 401 Senior Seminar
RUSS 402 Senior Seminar
RUSS 500 Individual Research

Courses given in English

Courses in culture, literature and civilization conducted in English are open to all students without regard to foreign language proficiency. Many of these courses have Connections.

Note on rotation of courses: We offer different courses to our majors during their four years of study. Russian literature and culture courses rotate on a three-year cycle; a few are on a four-year cycle.

RUSS 099 Independent Study
RUSS 101 Russian Folklore
RUSS 198 Experimental Courses
RUSS 199 Independent Study
RUSS 200 Russian Literature: Icons to Revolution
RUSS 201 Russian Literature: From Revolution to the Present
RUSS 203 Russian Drama
RUSS 279 Literary Translation
RUSS 281 Russian Arts and Culture
RUSS 282 Russian Film
RUSS 284 Women in Russian Culture
RUSS 285 Russian Jewish Culture
RUSS 298 Experimental Courses
RUSS 299 Independent Study
RUSS 300 Russian Literature: Icons to Revolution
RUSS 301 Russian Literature: From Revolution to the Present
RUSS 305 Topics in Russian Literature
RUSS 384 Women in Russian Culture – Advanced
RUSS 398 Experimental Courses
RUSS 399 Independent Study

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