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Area Coordinator: Brendon Soltis

The YMC area is made up of the Young, McIntire, and Clark Halls in addition to 46 and 48 East Main St. Approximately 300 hundred residents live in YMC, with the majority of them being first-year students. While there are several single rooms reserved for upperclassmen, most students reside in doubles and triples. All residence halls in YMC are smoke-free and incorporate quiet and courtesy hours. Additionally, Young Hall is designated as a wellness hall, which allows students the opportunity to reside in a substance-free environment.

Young, McIntire, and Clark each have recently rennovated common areas with an LCD television, VCR/DVD, and ample seating. In addition, each building has a full kitchen equipped with the basic amenities (stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc.), along with laundry facilities, and vending machines. Special features of the YMC quad include the Haviland Courtyard--a green space located between the buildings that is the perfect place to socialize or do homework outside on a sunny day. More importantly the YMC Quad is located close to Chase Dining Hall, providing quick and easy access to meals from 7:00 a.m.–midnight.

Resident Advisors (RAs) are located on every floor and are responsible for providing programs that are geared towards student interests. In addition, RAs act as mentors to help acclimate students to campus living. Students are given many social and academic opportunities in each residence hall to make connections with peers, both in and outside the quad, through floor programming. Programs include, but are not limited to: movie and game nights, dances, and participating in other campus-wide activities to help build a sense of community students really enjoy. YMC Quad’s purpose and theme is to make the first year at Wheaton a great experience for everyone!

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