Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

A muse of her own making

Abigail Schachner ’93 celebrates self-expression onstage

Abigail Schachner ’93Nothing thrillsAbigailAbby” Schachner ’93more than creativity and self-expression. (And forming random rhymes when the inspiration seizes her.)

Schachner is an artist who has written and performed more than 12 solo stage shows. One recent show, Schachner vs. Schachner, received multiple accolades along the fringe theater circuit, including awards for best solo show, best female performance and the audience award. The 45-minute show explores family, identity and attempted homicide.

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Vermont’s rising star

Jared Duval ’05 recognized for work

Jared Duval ’05Vermont Business Magazine has named Jared Duval ’05 a “Rising Star.” The Rising Star recognition award calls out young professionals under the age of 40 in Vermont who demonstrate a commitment to business growth, professional excellence and involvement in their communities. Duval is the economic development director for the state. He says his liberal arts education at Wheaton has helped him succeed, providing an important foundation to his career in public service, policy work and economic development. “Anyone who works in the field of economic development benefits from broad interdisciplinary preparation, including economics, politics and behavioral psychology, to name just a few,” he said. “Questioning assumptions and thinking critically are vital in this job because economic development can mean so many different things to different people.

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Join the team

WF Nick Parson 08Nick Parson ’08

  • Communications coordinator, 
  • Colorado Rockies (Major League Baseball)
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Plays important role:

“Primarily, I am a liaison between the outside world and our players, coaches and front-office personnel both in season and during the off-season. Additionally, I conduct research on the club that we publish in daily as well as annual formats for various internal and external purposes. I do a tremendous amount of work with the members of the media both at home and on the road, making sure that they have what they need from us in order to do their job well.” [Read more...]

A helping hand

Librarian uses 3D printer to create prosthetics

John Walsh ’01 adapted free designs he found online to create 3D-printed prosthetic fingers for a man from Guatemala and a prosthetic thumb for a man from Newton, Mass.

John Walsh ’01 adapted free designs he found online to create 3D-printed prosthetic fingers for a man from Guatemala and a prosthetic thumb for a man from Newton, Mass.

John Walsh ’01, assistant reference librarian at the Newton Free Library in Newton, Mass., is building a thumb.

Using a 3D printer to create prosthetics is not in Walsh’s job description, but it’s a challenge he accepts with enthusiasm. And it’s changing lives.

The thumb Walsh is working on now eventually will belong to a man named Fred, who heard about another of Walsh’s projects, in which he used the library’s 3D printer to create fingers for a 20-year-old from Guatemala. That project, which began this past spring, was the start of Walsh’s adventure in 3D-printed prosthetics.

About a year and a half earlier, Walsh had convinced the library trustees to invest in a 3D printer as part of a new education initiative. At the library’s annual Spring Fling fundraiser, he was invited to set up a table to share examples of how the printer could be used, including plastic busts, jewelry and two prosthetic hands.

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