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Listen up: Professor exploring Jesus in pop music

Delvyn CaseAssistant Professor of Music Delvyn Case, a composer of classical music, is a scholar who is most interested in popular music—in particular the intersections of popular music and religion in America. This fall, he is teaching the First-Year Seminar “Rock of Ages: Images of Jesus in Popular Music,” which explores provocative questions about those intersections. With such an intriguing title, we, of course, just had to know more.
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Sweet lesson

Alumnus returns to give talk on chocolate

Skye Paine '00Before bringing his lecture, “Heureux Chocolat: The History of Chocolate in France,” to Wheaton this spring, Skye Paine ’00 rehearsed the talk at home in front of his two children, ages 6 and 8. Impressively, they listened attentively to the hourlong lecture.

Then again, there was a bar of chocolate sitting in front of them the whole time.

Preparing to give the same talk to a room full of adults at Knapton Hall, Paine nodded to a table in the front piled with French chocolate bars and told his audience, “I think you will enjoy it at least as much as they did.”

It was a safe assumption.

Paine, who studied art history and French at Wheaton and now works as an assistant professor of French at SUNY–Brockport, was invited to speak at his alma mater by Professor of French Studies Kirk Anderson—the same man who convinced him as a freshman to major in French. [Read more...]

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72 immersed in royal matters

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72You never know what lies buried beneath a parking lot. It might be the last place to look for a king.

Yet, the skeletal remains of King Richard III, the British monarch whose 26-month reign in the 15th century was the shortest in English royal history, were discovered last year buried underneath a parking lot in Leicester, England.

Unbelievably, the bones were discovered on the first day of digging. The entire exhumation was celebrated as vindication for members of the Richard III Society, a group of admirers of the much-maligned king.

Sally Bachelder Keil ’72, the membership chair of the American branch of the Richard III Society, did not expect him to be found at all, let alone so quickly.

Though reticent to admit to it, Keil played an important role in the rediscovery of the lost king’s remains. At the 11th hour, two weeks before the dig was set to commence, the organizers were short on funds, in need of more than $17,000, or the entire project would be postponed indefinitely. Having only just taken on the role of membership chair, Keil digitized the society membership information, making contact information easier to access.  [Read more...]

Jon Huss ’98 debuts album

Jon Huss ’98When Jon Huss ’98 first arrived at Wheaton, he was a shy person. That changed during his freshman year once he found an outlet for his passion for music after attending a party at a house on campus.

The party was on the first floor, but Huss, who plays the guitar, drums and keyboard, was drawn to the sounds of a jam session going on down in the basement. So, he went to take a look.

“I watched and listened for a few minutes and realized they were mostly playing covers of classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, the Who, the Grateful Dead and Rush, which is the music I and many musicians of that time had spent hours on end learning and practicing as teenagers,” he said.

When one of the seniors at the party invited Huss to join in on the drums, he was happy to oblige. [Read more...]