Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Joshua Kelly ’17 takes charge in hometown politics

Joshua Kelly ’17In his first days at college, Joshua Kelly ’17 reached out to a high school friend. What began as a Facebook conversation about their freshman orientations turned into a plan to co-found a Green Party branch in their hometown of Waterford, Conn.

“We started talking about my friend’s decision to study government, and we quickly both discovered that neither one of us strongly identified with the two major political parties,” Kelly explains. When they began researching, the Green Party emerged as their favorite option, with its focus on social justice, environmental stewardship and grass-roots campaigning.

“I suggested that we find out what it would take to start a Green Party chapter in our hometown,” says Kelly.

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Best seat in the dugout

Brian Beneduce '16Senior sells innovative baseball bucket backrests

Brian “Mike” Beneduce ’16 is creating a new twist on an old pastime.

The student-athlete launched a new company and product called Bucket-Back—an attachable backrest that transforms a bucket of baseballs into a chair. In baseball, people sit on buckets at the front of the dugout to better view and record the outcome of plays.

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Letting art speak

Junior supports, spreads creativity across China

Silu Lin ’17

Silu Lin ’17

About four years ago, teenager Silu Lin ’17 was visiting a village near her home city of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, as part of an effort to connect children in need of educational support with people of means. There, she met a young girl who loved to paint.

The girl, about 11 years old, was living with her disabled father and a brother in a small, government-funded room. Without a desk, she created all her artwork on one of two beds the family shared.

“She showed me lots of her drawings, which were really gorgeous,” said Lin, who wondered what other talents lay hidden among children living in these conditions and what stories they might tell. [Read more...]

Returning home to improve health care

Ruth Gakpo ’16 sets up medical sites in Ghana

Ruth Gakpo ’16Ruth Gakpo ’16 knows firsthand the importance of quality health care in curbing disease.

Growing up in Ghana—a small nation in sub-Saharan West Africa—she witnessed family members, friends and neighbors suffer from illnesses such as malaria and cholera. But it wasn’t until she moved to the United States, and experienced its health care system, that she realized that those diseases were not trivial but, in fact, preventable.

“Armed with new awareness and knowledge, I was determined to learn as much as I could about health care and medicine with the hope I could one day treat and care for others so that they, too, might survive,” she said. [Read more...]