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Padric Gleason ’10 wins Fulbright to Mexico

Padric Gleason ’10Padric Gleason, who double majored in Hispanic studies and international relations, has been awarded a Fulbright Binational Business Grant. The grants are awarded to students who are interested in combining coursework in international business or law with an internship at a Mexico-based company conducting international or legal business. The goal is to enhance knowledge, expertise and understanding of post-NAFTA Mexico. “Living and working in Mexico will tie together my lifelong study of Latin American culture with my postgraduate business studies and professional background,” says Gleason, who currently lives in San Francisco after completing his master’s degree in international business practice in Bangkok, Thailand. [Read more...]

Zachary Ginsburg ’10 awarded Fulbright to Poland

Zachary Ginsburg ’10Zachary Ginsburg, who double majored in international relations and political science, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research at the Centre for European Studies (CES), which is located at Jagiellonian University. The university, Poland’s oldest institution of higher education, is located in Krakow. He will be joining an international team of researchers studying how Polish political and social culture may impact the EU’s efforts to integrate its members into a common set of foreign and security policies. The award furthers his scholarly efforts in international relations. He earned a master’s degree in international relations from the Department of War Studies, King’s College, London, graduating from King’s in January 2012 with a Distinction, the highest grade in UK master’s programs. [Read more...]

Transcending time, place through art

Craig Mooney ’92

Craig Mooney ’92

A bustling schedule filled with international gallery exhibitions is coveted by most working artists. For Craig Mooney ’92, that dream is reality.

The Stowe, Vt., representational oil painter will have his work exhibited in several galleries this fall, including at Enid Lawson Gallery in London; Shain Gallery in Charlotte, N.C.; and Jules Place in Boston.

Mooney’s atmospheric works, which feature elements of science found in the natural world, renderings of human silhouettes, and imagined cityscapes, offer a glimpse into his formative years. Growing up in Manhattan, he was heavily inspired by his father, a physician and amateur artist, as well as by a book about Leonardo da Vinci.

“I was fascinated with da Vinci’s explorations of the human form, and scientific renderings,” recalls Mooney. [Read more...]

Newsmaker: Mary Mallon Nyman ’57 talks about life as artist and writer

Mary Mallon Nyman 1957Mary Mallon Nyman was featured in the March newsletter of the Cradle Foundation, a Chicago-based adoption agency. The writer and artist was adopted there at age six weeks. In the newsletter, she talked about visiting the foundation for the first time since she was a baby, her family life growing up (which included studying abroad during her freshman year of high school) and going to Wheaton. “I was very happy [at Wheaton],” said Nyman, who earned a bachelor’s in English. Acrylic painting by Mary Mallon Nyman ’57“I was co-editor of the literary magazine and took every art class offered.” While in graduate school at Boston University, Nyman landed an assistantship in the Department of English, studying with Pulitzer Prize winner and former Poet Laureate of the United States Robert Lowell. After completing her master’s degree in English literature, she taught English for more than two decades at the high school and college level. She has published a volume of poetry, a novel (When the Leaves Fall), a textbook, short stories, as well as essays in a variety of literary magazines. Since retiring in 1994, she has pursued what she most enjoys—painting her favorite areas of Maine, Cape Cod, Tuscany and Provence, the newsletter pointed out. She also makes handcrafted jewelry and has continued to take art classes. “I live in a beautiful spot in Wareham, Massachusetts,” she said, “eighty feet above Buzzards Bay with woods behind me. It’s the perfect place for an artist.”

More online:

View her work and a list of her upcoming events and shows at marynyman.com.