Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Publications, honors and creative works: Faculty

Timothy Barker, astronomy professor, co-wrote the article “Rotation Period Determination for 247 Eukrate” in the Minor Planet Bulletin, with faculty technology liaison Gary Ahrendts and Shelby Delos ’14 (2012).

Delvyn Case, assistant professor of music, had his holiday overture, “Rocket Sleigh,” performed by numerous ensembles across the country in December, including by the Arkansas Symphony, the Alabama Symphony, the United States Coast Guard Band, and the Yale Concert Band.

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Publications, honors and creative works: Faculty

Delvyn Case, assistant professor of music, presented “Fire in the Big Top!”, a commission for narrator and brass quintet for the Portland (Maine) Symphony. It was performed at elementary schools and arts centers throughout the state of Maine in fall 2012.

Samuel Coale, English professor, published Quirks of the Quantum: Postmodernism and Contemporary American Fiction (University of Virginia Press, 2012). He also presented a paper, “Fragments of Transformation: The Tourist, the Romancer, and Hawthorne’s Vision,” at the conference Conversazioni in Italia: Emerson, Hawthorne, and Poe, in Florence, Italy, in June.

Geoffrey Collins, geology professor, co-wrote the National Academies Report Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Spacecraft Missions to Icy Solar System Bodies (National Academies Press, April 2012). He was the vice chair of the committee that wrote the report. [Read more...]

Publications, honors and creative works: Faculty

Kirk Anderson, associate professor of French, translated from French to English the short story “Brown Hounding” by Franck Pavloff in Metamorphoses (April 2012).

William Goldbloom Bloch, professor of mathematics, published the article “Lost in a Good Book: Jorge Borges’ Inescapable Labyrinth” in Springer Verlag (April 2012). Also, Bloch and Michael Drout wrote the essay “Fair and Unfair Division in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon” in Mathematics and Popular Culture (McFarland, February 2012).

Alex Bloom, professor of history, published the article “The Sixties” in the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History (Oxford University Press, March 2012). He also presented the talk “The End of the Tunnel: The Vietnam Experience and American Life” on April 11, 2012, at Capitol Community College in Hartford, Conn. [Read more...]

Publications, honors and creative works


John Miller, professor of economics, coauthored the article “Why the United States is Not Greece” with Katherine Sciacchitano in the January/February issue of Dollars & Sense magazine.

John Kricher, professor of biology, presented “Our Changing World” on February 7 at the Tucson Audubon Society Fourth Annual Gala. He spoke about the concept of balance of nature, why it is not true, and how, in a changing world, conservationists can be effective in influencing societal decisions.

Michael Drout, professor of English, published the article “Variation within Limits: An Evolutionary Approach to the Structure and Dynamics of the Multiform” in Oral Tradition (December 2011).

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