Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Publications, honors and creative works: Alumnae/i

Robin Bowman ’82, in partnership with the American Teenager Project of Richmond, Calif., received a 2012 Audience Engagement Grant from the Open Society Foundation. Bowman’s collection of photographs and interviews of adolescents, titled It’s Complicated: The American Teenager, is central to the project’s initiative to engage youths in civil and human rights issues.

Jessica Knauss ’97 translated from Spanish to English Carmino sin returno (No Turning Back) by Lidia Falcón (Loose Leaves Publishing, January 2013).

Dorothy Kerper Monnelly ’58 published For My Daughters (Hudson Hills, 2013). The book pairs her own photography with poetry written by her mother, Dorothy Darling Kerper.

Jane Protzman ’59 showed her photographs in the “Water, Water Everywhere” exhibition at the Port Jefferson Free Library in Port Jefferson, N.Y., in early 2013.

Publications, honors and creative works: Alumnae/i

Linda Gigante ’72, professor emerita at the University of Louisville, was presented with the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) Award for Excellence in Teaching in recognition of her ability to teach effectively, impart knowledge, and inspire students.

Ken Kristensen ’92, an award-winning writer, had the first volume of his four-part graphic novel, Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth, published in January by Image Comics. Monthly volumes will follow in February, March and April.

Peter W. Kunhardt Jr. ’05, executive director of the Gordon Parks Foundation, co-edited Gordon Parks: Collected Works (Steidl/Gordon Parks Foundation, November 2012).

Publications, honors and creative works: Alumnae/i

Alicia Goranson ’96 won the 2012 Parsec Award, one of the most prestigious audio drama awards, in the Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form) category for her audio drama “The Mask of Inanna.”

Adina Menashe ’12 published Bread Soup, a trilingual children’s book inspired by her study abroad experience with the School for International Training.

Kelly Neale ’04 published an article in the Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing titled “The Fifth Vital Sign: Chronic Pain Assessment of the Adolescent Oncology Patient” (July 2012).

Publications, honors and creative works: Alumnae/i

Cynthia Douglas Bittinger ’68, educator and historian, published Vermont Women, Native Americans and African Americans: Out of the Shadows of History (History Press, May 2012).

Kristin Sundin Brandt ’94, vice president of Sundin Associates, was promoted to president.

Patricia Flaherty ’83, a community organizer, activist and developer, was selected by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women as one of the Commonwealth’s Unsung Heroines of 2012.

Pickett Davis Randolph ’60 received the Anne Kane McGuire Award for Distinguished Service from Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Va., in May. She is an alum of the school, as well as a former member of the board of trustees.

Elizabeth Southworth ’91 wrote the article “Lessons Not Learned: The Role of Operational Risk in Rogue Trading” in Risk Professional Magazine, examining the root causes of serious lapses in operational risk control that have been at the heart of major trading scandals over the past two decades (June 2012).

Paige MacGregor ’08 presented the paper “Alternative Identities: Women, Sexuality and Altporn” at the National Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in Boston in April.