Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Regain control.

Kara GanssleKara Ganssle Pachniuk ’08

  • Director of Nutrition at POP Weight Loss in Old Saybrook, Conn.
  • Psychobiology major

“To regain control after the holidays, give yourself a formal bedtime. Lack of restorative sleep can throw off your schedule as well as affect cravings and hunger.”

“Stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day will help with organ function and energy levels, as well as help prevent overeating.”

“Move. Walking around the mall or outlets can count as exercise. The key is to move every day. If you are active, make exercise non-negotiable.” [Read more...]

Reinvent yourself.

Kathryn Sollmann-MARGARET-FOX-PHOTOGRAPHYKathryn Amarante Sollmann ’80

“Just get to ‘next.’ People are often paralyzed when it comes to career decision making because they feel they only have one shot at what they perceive as a monumental, lifelong decision. A career is actually a series of steps—your only responsibility is to make your best move to the next step.”

“Make sure that your career decisions—to switch jobs or leave/re-enter the workforce—are made in the context of long-term financial security, even if you may be in a comfortable position today. No one escapes life’s twists and turns.” [Read more...]

Be happy.

Emily Clement 019Emily Clement ’97

Clement’s five questions to answer to find what makes you happy:

  1. “If you had a magic wand, what would your life look and feel like? Think beyond your current conditions and circumstances.”
  2. “Are your values aligned with where you spend your time and money? Define your core values, and then look at your bank or credit card statement. Perhaps you want to make adjustments.”
  3. “What scares you? We tend to become stagnant because of fear or our sense of deserving. Name and befriend your fears. Lean into your fear and watch your comfort zone expand naturally.”
  4. “Do you want love, affection and attention? Give away freely what you desire for yourself. Give it freely, and without expectation, to those around you.”
  5. “How do you spend your spare time? Spend quality time in silence. Prayer is talking to God, while meditation is listening. If that’s not your jam, then spend quiet time in nature. Answers arrive in silence.”

[Read more...]

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

The answer: Anything

Actors from TEN31 Productions pose as statuesThat awkward silence.

Many soon-to-be liberal arts graduates have been in the all-too-familiar (and uncomfortable) situation where a friend, relative or stranger, upon hearing what the student is majoring in, follows up with the question, “What are you going to do with that?”

For Wheaton philosophy majors, the answer is: Anything.

We can prove it. And they know why.

For the past two years, Wheaton has surveyed its most recent alumnae/i six months out to see where their degrees are taking them. Along with providing an overview of what the graduates are doing, the “First Destination Outcomes Report” breaks down respondents by major—looking at who’s working, who’s continuing their education and other factors. [Read more...]