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Diving in

Ashley Jennings ’07 spends years deep in shark research

Ashley Jennings '07

Ashley Jennings '07

What would it be like to be a shark?

Maybe you’re picturing rows of ragged sawteeth and remembering the last time your stomach growled at you. Or perhaps you’re imagining the feeling of cool water on a strong, streamlined body, and wondering what it would be like to have a superhuman sense of smell.

Most people really wouldn’t even know where to begin imagining. But this question lights up Ashley Jennings’s face. “I think about that pretty much every day,” she says.

Jennings, who graduated from Wheaton College in 2007, explored this question in her research at Boston University, where last year she completed a master’s degree in marine/sensory biology. Working with Jelle Atema, a professor of biology at Boston University and adjunct scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Jennings spent three summers at WHOI studying smooth dogfish, small sharks that can be found along the coast of Massachusetts, for her master’s thesis. While urban legend tells us that a shark can smell a drop of blood in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, Jennings hopes that her research on sharks’ sense of smell will help to dispel that myth, as well as our overblown fear of these animals. [Read more...]

Building a better tomorrow

Ryan Letada ’08 works to transform communities

Letada IMG_7315Born in Kuwait to impoverished parents who dreamed their son would one day become a doctor or lawyer, Ryan Letada ’08 discovered something priceless at Wheaton College: the fire to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of traditionally marginalized communities.

“Wheaton makes you ask the bigger questions about your purpose in life,” says Letada, who in 2013 co-founded Next Day Better, a New York-based company that, chiefly through its lecture series, showcases the accomplishments—or “tells the stories”—of people who have transformed their communities. The business, for now, focuses on the efforts of social entrepreneurs in the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora. There are plans to ultimately branch out and highlight other ethnicities.

In a series of six lecture engagements around the globe last year (which were also available online), Next Day Better highlighted people such as Illac Diaz, an inventor who created solar light bulbs using recycled plastic bottles. Thousands of poor Filipinos have benefited from his creation. [Read more...]

50 years of inspiration

Professor Jay Goodman politically engages generations of students

Spring 1968 Wheaton Quarterly

Spring 1968 Wheaton Quarterly

In September 1965, with Lyndon B. Johnson as president and The Beatles topping the charts, a 25-year-old armed with a new Ph.D. from Brown University arrived on Wheaton’s campus to start teaching undergrads the fundamentals of American politics.

The young man’s name: Jay Goodman.

This fall found Barack Obama in LBJ’s place and Taylor Swift in the Fab Four’s. But Goodman was still in a Wheaton classroom—starting his 50th year of teaching at the college. And he seems as surprised as anyone by his own longevity.

“It’s shocking,” Goodman said—in his trademark deadpan—over coffee recently at the Starbucks near his home in Providence, R.I. “No one ever plans this kind of thing. It just happens.”

Planned or not, over the past half-century Goodman has become one of the most iconic and influential figures in Wheaton’s history. With his Einstein-esque shock of white hair and shuffling gait, today he is as much a part of the college as the Dimple or Peacock Pond. An oft-cited statistic estimates more than half of all living Wheaton alums have taken one of his classes. [Read more...]

Insight. Experience. Connections.

Interns spend summer learning on the job, exploring careers

Intern VendettiBefore her summer internship with HBO’s Creative Services Department in New York City, Tyler Vendetti ’15 didn’t quite know how to answer those who asked about her plans after Wheaton.

“I would mumble something about scriptwriting or directing before quickly changing the subject out of sheer panic,” Vendetti said.

With a double major in English and film and new media studies, the senior has built a résumé full of writing and marketing positions, but she wasn’t sure how to combine those skills with her interest in video production.

Then last fall, Chris Spencer P’14, executive vice president of creative services at HBO, gave a talk at Wheaton, and Vendetti saw an opportunity to gain that missing experience. With the help of the staff at the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services, she applied to and was granted a summer internship at HBO.

Once in New York, Vendetti quickly got to work, assisting producers on shoots for television promos and events, generating new marketing ideas, editing footage, and participating with other interns in a research project dedicated to improving HBO’s employer brand and talent acquisition strategies.

“Coming out of it, I can say that I’ve developed a clearer sense of direction about my future and what I want to do,” Vendetti said of her internship.

Overall, 200 Wheaton students received support from Wheaton and Career Services at the Filene Center to participate in internships, research or independent projects this summer. Here are a few of their stories. [Read more...]