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Creating a company that honors local style, gives back

BIZ Rumberger Kyle 16

Kyle Rumberger ’16, left, is co-owner of Cape Fifteen. Launched in 2015, the apparel company is named for and gets its inspiration from Cape Cod’s 15 towns. Rumberger started the company with his friend Shane MacNeill.

Kyle Rumberger ’16 grew up on Cape Cod caddying for many business people. He was always intrigued by their work and imagined someday walking the same entrepreneurial path.

“They provided me with insight over the 12 years I caddied, and business and economics were the two areas I became interested in through those experiences,” says Rumberger, who majored in business and management and economics.

This summer the Barnstable, Mass., resident returned to the Cape a businessman himself. He is the co-owner of Cape Fifteen (capefifteen.com), which he began working on as a sophomore with best friend Shane MacNeill and then officially launched in 2015. The company, which gets its name from the 15 towns that make up Cape Cod, offers locally inspired lifestyle clothing, and seeks to give back to the community by way of donations and contributions to local conservation efforts and nonprofits. [Read more...]

A box seat in the presidential arena

Neil Levesque ’93 heads New Hampshire Institute of Politics

If you want to find Neil Levesque, look to the back of the room. Or scan the edge of the crowd. When politicians and pundits storm into town in the weeks before the New Hampshire presidential primary, he likes to stand back. But he’s always at the center of activity.

As executive director of the nonpartisan New Hampshire Institute of Politics, housed at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, Levesque is happily engaged in a job that allows him to promote electoral politics and American democracy in action.

When he’s not with candidates who are out on the campaign trail, Levesque stages events at the institute for front-runners and long shots alike; assists the reporters and producers who cover them; and helps manage a dynamic academic environment for students and others interested not only in political science but in the color and commotion of authentic political practice.

“I’m just a facilitator,” says the 1993 Wheaton graduate with characteristic modesty. “I help politicians do their job.”

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Creative collaborations

Students enrich education by partnering with professors

One of the hallmarks of a Wheaton liberal arts education is the close working relationship that students have with faculty members, both inside and outside of the classroom. That is most clear in the collaborations that occur all year long between students and professors across disciplines—from English to science. Both sides benefit from joint intellectual pursuits that teach, inspire and fuel creative thinking and problem solving. And often their teamwork extends well beyond the campus to help others.

Here, we share a few of those endeavors from the fall semester. [Read more...]

From Wheaton to the Supreme Court

Prosecutor Premila “Prem” Burns ’71 puts victims first

Victims of crime deserve sound legal counsel from their attorneys—and also basic human compassion.

Premila “Prem” Burns ’71, an award-winning attorney from Baton Rouge, La., who has worked on some of the country’s highest-profile cases, strives to offer both.

The Wheaton alumna has dedicated more than four decades to a career in public service, working as both a federal and a state prosecutor. Burns’s trials are high-visibility ones that feature homicide, rape and police misconduct.

Throughout her career, Burns has provided legal counsel and forged special bonds with victims of crime—including the six children of Cpl. Betty Smothers, a police officer and single mother murdered in 1993 in Baton Rouge, La. For that case, she successfully convicted the killer.

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