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I think, therefore I am, right?

Statue-selfieWhen I was a college student, I majored in communication arts and political science. As part of the Jesuit school coursework, we had to take a philosophy course.

I vaguely remember feeling super-smart as I sat around with a group of friends in the dining hall on steak-and-potato night debating whether or not we exist, based on what we had studied in class that day. However, there was sour cream involved that evening; consequently, I was a bit distracted and don’t remember much else.

So I have deep admiration for those who major in philosophy and take on all of the challenging thought-provoking work that changes the lens through which we view life. Now I can see how majoring in the subject prepares you for just about anything in life, because that’s what our alums tell us and show us in the cover story of this issue. [Read more...]

Taking care of business

My selfie with “Louie”

My selfie with “Louie”

Anyone who knows me knows that I love taking selfies. Who doesn’t love holding that smartphone and taking as many shots as necessary to get that perfect, flattering angle and lighting?

So, of course, I was game when I walked into Fanautical, an apparel store, and saw the invitation from a fish called Louie. The four-foot-tall re-creation of the store’s logo stands near the entrance with a sign that asks customers to take a selfie with him, post it on social media and get a 15 percent discount.

The idea came courtesy of Wheaton students, who offered Fanautical owner June Wooding strategies to draw customers during their “Marketing” course, which is part of the college’s newest major, business and management.

Louie also doubles as a costume that can be worn to draw attention during events at the busy Foxboro, Mass., location, which is just steps from where the Patriots football team plays and a few miles from campus. [Read more...]

Letter to the editor

I am delighted to see so many Wheaton undergraduates and alumnae/i engaged in great service projects all over the world. And I wonder whether there is a comparable level of interest and commitment to working to improve the quality of life for the poor in American cities, following the example of Judith Garcia ’13, who was elected to the Chelsea, Mass., City Council and was featured in the spring issue of the Quarterly.

While I was at Wheaton, Professor Richard Robbins’s course in “Urban Sociology” sparked my interest in city planning, which then turned into a challenging career in urban education reform. I hope the Wheaton curriculum is still addressing these issues, as the growing gulf between the rich and the poor is the great domestic challenge of our time, while that gulf is narrowing around the world.

I would be delighted to mentor students interested in internships and jobs in Philadelphia, a booming city for millennials, which also happens to be one of the poorest big cities in America.

—Debra “Debbie” Weiner ’67


A show of hands

colorful-reaching-handsRaise your hand if you think that this political season has been one of the most strangely interesting ones that you’ve seen in a very long time. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or an independent—and no matter what your political views are—this likely is the one thing that we can all agree upon.

Of course, the political arena is always a challenging place to be. In this issue of the magazine, we feature a student and two alums who have taken on the challenge and placed themselves right in the center of the action in varied ways.

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