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Monica Wright 97 11Monica Wright ’97

  • Air-quality scientist/consultant for CH2M HILL, Portland, Ore. 
  • Volunteer tutor for Girls Inc.
  • Wheaton Fund supporter 

Creates positive environment:

“I have always been interested in the role of science in our society, particularly as it applies to environmental laws and protection of human health. After Wheaton, I worked as a high school chemistry teacher for seven years and then went to graduate school to get my Ph.D. in chemistry. Consulting gives me the opportunity to work with clients all over the world to help them meet their environmental goals.”

Takes on challenge:

“I regularly use the problem solving skills I developed at Wheaton. I remember some very challenging ‘Physical Chemistry’ tests that forced me to apply my understanding of the concepts we learned in class to a problem with no clear answer. Now, most of the projects I work on have no clear answer, and a major part of every project is coming up with an innovative approach.”

Values supportive climate:

“I contribute to the Wheaton Fund as a way to say thank you to everyone who influenced me and helped me get to where I am. Giving back also keeps me connected to this special place that educates, inspires and empowers future scientists, peacekeepers, community leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs.”

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Launch great life stories

Meg RuleyMeg Ruley ’75

  • Literary agent, Jane Rotrosen Agency 
  • Member of the Friends of the Irvington Library (New York)
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Navigates road to success. 

“I was drawn to books and writing from an early age, and had an idea I wanted to work in publishing. I majored in English at Wheaton, and through the then Career Planning Office, I got an internship at MIT working on a publication. I also relied on the Alumnae Office for lists of Wheaton graduates who worked in publishing to help me get started.”

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Open doors to the future

Elena Wong '07Elena Wong ’07 

West Coast regional admission counselor, Drew University

Class of 2007 Wheaton Fund chair

Wheaton Fund supporter

Enjoys standing at threshold:

“I feel privileged each day I get to work with students and their families because, for most, choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions a young adult faces. Mentoring students and parents makes me feel like I’m making a positive impact in their lives. I helped in the Admission Office during my four years at Wheaton. Once I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job there. I had incredible mentors, had the opportunity to travel, and loved bringing in the new generations of students.”

Knows preparation is key:

“I was a sociology major and loved working with my professors and doing research.  Analyzing data, interviewing and understanding cultural backgrounds allows me to connect with the students and families on a deeper level.”

Welcomes opportunity to help:

“Working at Wheaton allowed me to fully comprehend the admission and financial aid processes. I support the Wheaton Fund because I want to allow more students to experience the personalized education and the Wheaton way of life.”

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Focus on the future

Christopher Paquet ’03 

  • NYC Department of Health, director of policy and strategic initiatives,
  • Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • 2012 NYC Distinguished Service Award recipient
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Collaborates for success:

“In my role I focus on emergency policy and strategic initiatives by collaborating with several agencies to prepare for the unexpected, including natural disasters, contagious disease outbreaks and various other threats to New York City. I’m fortunate to work with some of the best health and response experts around.”

Knows what’s important:

“I love my job. I’ve worked hard, but it would not have been possible to get here without the education, connections and experiences I’ve received from Wheaton. Not only was I able to learn from dedicated professors, but I also gained valuable experience outside of the classroom. My internships and work on campus with several offices showed me how to take classroom knowledge and apply it to practical work.”

Thinks ahead:

“I may not be able to give millions, but I support Wheaton because I want the college to continue to educate students in a multifaceted way. The college gave me an interdisciplinary education, which has helped me succeed in a variety of jobs. Still to this day, Wheaton students, alums, faculty and staff continue to support me in my development. These people are part of my extended family and I grow stronger each day because of them.”

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Photo by Bindy Crouch