Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Marshall Scholar will begin studies at Oxford

Gabe AmoGabriel (“Gabe”) Felix Kofi Amo ’10, a political science major, was named a 2010 Marshall Scholar. With support from the Marshall, the Pawtucket, R.I., native will begin graduate studies this fall at Oxford University in England, focusing on the intersection of politics and public policy, and the role each plays in perpetuating cycles of poverty.

“Through substantive and symbolic ways, people are denied access to full societal participation on the basis of characteristics like social class and education level. The impact of social exclusion is striking—denying opportunity to particular communities and transmitting those outcomes from one generation to another.”

Photo / Annie Laurie Malarkey '09

Fulbright Scholar to study neurogenetics of sleep regulation

Stefana AlbuStefana Albu ’10, of Westford, Mass., was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany. The psychobiology major will work with Dr. Mayumi Kimura, who is internationally recognized for her work in molecular sleep research at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich. Albu will study the neurogenetics of sleep regulation.

“I immigrated to the U.S. at the age of seven. My parents reshaped their reality so that my brother and I would have opportunities unheard of in Romania. With their ambitious and humble outlooks on integrating, they truly fulfilled the American dream. It is their unceasing dedication and perseverance that has taught me that through hard work anything is possible.”

Watson Fellow to spend year studying in Islamic countries

Roxanne AzariWatson Fellow Roxanna Azari ’10, of Queens, N.Y., will spend a year studying the religious, political and personal meanings ascribed to the veils worn by women in many Islamic countries. She will explore practices in France , Morocco, Turkey, India and the United Arab Emirates .

“My aim is to show that the Western understanding of veiling only symbolizing ‘oppression’ is problematic because it overrides the women’s movements, opinions, activism and personal stories that lay behind the veils.”

Teaching English takes Fulbright Scholar to South Korea

Neill BrandonThomas (“Neill”) Brandon ’10, whose love of history was ignited during his childhood in historic Concord, Mass., will travel to South Korea to teach English to high school students as a Fulbright Scholar.

“The Korean education system is traditionally very structured and competitive, but I hope to bring a bit of creative flair to the school where I am placed to create a classroom culture that is both stimulating and memorable.”