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Opening doors to community engagement

Cassie Peltola ’14

Cassie Peltola ’14 is the new assistant director of community service and engagement of the Office of Service, Spirituality, and Social Responsibility.

As a recent grad, Cassandra “Cassie” Peltola ’14 knows well the hustle and bustle of student life.

But making time to volunteer reaps many benefits, says the new assistant director of community service and engagement.

“If you have any extra time, volunteering does make you feel good. You get a little extra career experience out of it, and it helps you become more passionate about the world you live in and motivates you to become more engaged,” she said.

Peltola works in the Office of Service, Spirituality and Social Responsibility (SSSR), housed in the basement of Cole Memorial Chapel. The door is open for students seeking volunteer experiences in schools and nonprofits, she said.

“I want students to know that I want to help them reach their goals and get the experiences they are looking for through community engagement,” she said. [Read more...]

Rachael Pauze ’07 takes on tough role

Rachael Pauze ’07 conducts many trainings for the Wheaton community as director of Title IX compliance.

Rachael Pauze ’07 conducts many trainings for the Wheaton community as director of Title IX compliance.

Director of Title IX compliance.

It is a job that requires one to know a complex and ever-evolving federal law inside out; help an institution continually live up to the law’s high standards and comply with the very detailed and stringent guidance from the government; and conduct training so that students, staff and faculty fully understand it—while overseeing investigations and equitably and compassionately guiding individuals through an emotionally charged process when violations are reported. And any missteps can land in the media spotlight.

This is the work Rachael Pauze has chosen to do at Wheaton.

The Class of 2007 alumna is more than comfortable in the position. “You know that you’ve come to a great point in your career when you connect your skills and experience and then use them in a way that contributes to a cause that you care about,” says Pauze, a lawyer. “This is a job where I can use my background in policy and compliance on something that I’m passionate about—gender equity. This is also a very interesting area of law right now, one that is still evolving, so it’s a great opportunity to jump in and be a part of that.” [Read more...]

Urgent care

Michael Weisberg ’93 heads emergency department at N.Y. hospital

Dr. Michael Weisberg ’93

Dr. Michael Weisberg ’93

Of the many areas in medicine, Dr. Michael Weisberg ’93 chose one of the most difficult—and consequential—to study and dedicate his professional life to: emergency medicine.

“I’ve always enjoyed the fast pace and excitement, and working in a place where I can impact a lot of patients,” Weisberg said. “I like that you see something new every day.”

His career in emergency medicine has spanned more than a decade. In July 2016, he was promoted to director of the emergency department at Columbia Memorial Hospital, which is located in Hudson, N.Y.

In this role, Weisberg oversees the care of the approximately 45,000 patients who visit the hospital’s emergency room and associated urgent care centers annually. The hospital provides advanced surgery, primary care services and patient education.

His many responsibilities include overseeing physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, students and others. While his role involves administrative work, he dedicates at least 50 percent of his job to direct care.

“I will never not do clinical care. I went into medicine to take care of patients,” he said. [Read more...]

Liberal arts keeps health writer flexible

Jeremy Berger ’06

Jeremy Berger ’06

Jeremy Berger ’06 lives and breathes a lifestyle of adventure and good health.

He has accomplished feats like the Ironman and ultra-marathon races, which require both physical and mental grit, and commits himself to a healthy diet.

It’s no surprise Berger has found his professional niche at a company focused on health and longevity: Elysium Health in New York City.

“While I was reading about new research on the science of aging, I came across Elysium and met with the founders to get a sense of what they were doing. Once I met them, I was excited about their vision and the mission of the company—and knew I wanted to work there,” he said.

Elysium Health, a startup co-founded by an MIT biologist and advised by seven Nobel Prize winners, sells products that promote healthy aging. In December 2016, the company received an investment of $20 million for its science-based products.

Berger joined Elysium in October 2016 as its head of content. “My job is to help communicate our mission, research initiatives and the science behind our product—and future products—to the outside world,” he said. [Read more...]