Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Alumnae/i board candidates

Meet the candidates for the Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors (ABD)—highly engaged graduates who have been involved with the college in many ways, from serving as class officers and on committees to attending Reunions and other events:

Pamela Reid Graham ’85

Pamela Reid Graham 2Head of reference and instruction at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy library, New London, Conn.

Board position: National regional chair

Why I reconnected: “I reconnected with Wheaton a number of years ago when a friend from Wheaton was her class representative and was visiting Wheaton for Homecoming Weekend. I lived about an hour away and drove to Norton to see her and spend the weekend with her. Not only did we have a wonderful time reconnecting with each other, I also reconnected with Wheaton. It is a very special place. My experiences at Wheaton, both in and out of the classroom, really prepared me for life after college.”

Why I want to be on the board: “A few of us from the classes of the ’80s were chatting on Facebook, and we talked about how our class years are underrepresented on the ABD. Serving on the ABD would be a way to give back to Wheaton and connect with alumnae/i. I want to get more alumnae/i involved in regional events and with the college. I look forward to getting to know more alumnae/i from other class years.” [Read more...]

Focusing on documentaries

Alum’s work airs on HBO

George Kunhardt '09 working on HBO documentary "Living with Lincoln"

George Kunhardt ’09 works on his HBO documentary.

Movie buff George Kunhardt ’09 grew up with dreams of one day directing an action blockbuster.

Little did he know that the Abraham Lincoln portrait that hung for years over his childhood bed would shape a different destiny. In April, HBO aired Living With Lincoln, a documentary Kunhardt produced that explores his family’s more than 150-year connection with the nation’s 16th president.

Kunhardt’s great-great-great-grandfather, a Union officer in the Civil War, gathered nearly 70,000 artifacts relating to Lincoln, including rare photographs, daguerreotypes and maps. Among the collection is the Lincoln portrait depicted on the $5 bill.

Kunhardt is a producer at Kunhardt Films, which was started by his father, Emmy-winning filmmaker Peter Kunhardt. The Lincoln project was the younger Kunhardt’s editorial and producing debut “and by far the biggest responsibility I’ve ever had on a project.” [Read more...]

Economist Deborah Figart ’81 focuses on workers

Deborah Figart ’81

At Wheaton, Deborah Figart ’81 chose to major in economics initially because she wanted to pursue a career in accounting or international business.

However, through her liberal arts coursework and the college’s internship program, her perspective broadened. Her interest shifted from finance to the plight of workers—particularly those who saw their livelihoods challenged when multinational corporations moved U.S. jobs overseas.

Figart considered working for a labor union or a public policy think tank, but it wasn’t long before she discovered a passion for teaching and research. “I taught my first economics course in graduate school in the fall of 1982, and I have been teaching ever since.” [Read more...]

Tale of two heroes 

Adar Cohen ’04 - MSNBCA new book co-authored by Adar Cohen ’04 explores a pivotal event in American civil rights history.

Jimmie Lee and James: Two Lives, Two Deaths, and the Movement That Changed America, written by Cohen and Steve Fiffer and published by Regan Arts in New York City, looks at the killings of civil rights activists Jimmie Lee Jackson and the Reverend James Reeb and how they inspired the march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., leading to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. [Read more...]