Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Championing Wheaton

The Keefe Family Foundation’s robust generosity has expanded with a recent grant totaling $33,000 to support student financial aid, improvements to Keefe Hall, and an upcoming makeover for the Clark Center Lobby, an activity hub for Wheaton’s intercollegiate, club and intramural sports.

This current Keefe gift signals immediate financial relief for a Wheaton student and continues the foundation’s long history of giving to Wheaton, which includes the creation of the Keefe Boston Latin Scholarship Endowed Fund in 1997 and the Keefe Family Foundation Work and Learning Fellows Endowment, a critical resource for self-designed student internships. The award also augments the Keefe Project Scholarship, a five-year grant that facilitated larger financial aid packages for increased numbers of students and a Keefe-created endowment established for repair and upkeep of Keefe Field.

Keefe Family Foundation contributions to Wheaton over recent years total more than $300,000, impacting all areas of the campus and curriculum.

What’s that ticking sound?

In November, while we were celebrating our art director’s birthday over breakfast, a colleague remarked that there were only four days of work remaining before Thanksgiving break.

We all let out a collective gasp of surprise, recognizing how fast time flies. (My summer clothes had yet to make it to the attic, for goodness’ sake!) This issue of the Quarterly takes a moment to honor the passing of time:

February marked five years for me as editor of the magazine. It seems like just yesterday I was having a cup of coffee with my boss on the deck at Balfour-Hood and telling him about my interest in working at Wheaton.

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In the winter issue of the Quarterly, the name of Jean Jones Beard ’65 was misspelled.

OK, so Wheaton hired two new coaches this academic year—David Cusano as head coach for track and field, and Jamie Lockard as head coach for men’s lacrosse. They’re new, but that’s no excuse for swapping their photos by mistake in the winter issue. Sorry, guys. Twenty laps around Haas for us, right? Here are the right photos with the right names:

One education, many purposes

“What is the purpose of a college education: is it about developing occupational skills or acquiring knowledge?”

My questioner was a journalist who has covered higher education in the United States for more than two decades. And no, I don’t think he genuinely believed the answer had to be one or the other. Rather, his question reflected the false choice that is so prevalent in public discourse about undergraduate education.

President Barack Obama, among others, champions the idea that every U.S. citizen needs a post-secondary education to prosper and to help keep America strong. In this view, colleges and universities must organize the curriculum around marketable job skills sought by employers. In the current economic climate, in which joblessness continues at painfully high rates, this idea has an obvious attraction.

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