Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

The creative scientist

With a vaudeville performer father and a dancer mother, you'd expect Kyle Judkins '08 to pursue a career in the arts. Tall, poised and engaging, the 24-year-old might be an actor or a musician. (In fact, he plays drums in a jazz band.) But Judkins is a scientist; a biologist to be exact.

Kyle JudkinsAs an associate scientist in exploratory biology at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. (developers and manufacturers of Zoloft, Lipitor and Viagra, among others), Judkins contributed to original research on diabetes.

"So much of science is art," says the biology major and chemistry minor. "I don't like treating science like a technician." [Read more...]

Digging into history

Summer 2010 coverIt's one thing to study a subject from a textbook, but quite a different story to hold in your own hands an object or document that is, in some instances, centuries old, directly related to that subject and tied to Wheaton College.

Such has been the case for Wheaton students, who increasingly over the past several years have been required to dig into the rich treasure trove of history housed in the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections as part of their course work. Professors across the curriculum—from art to science—have been collaborating with library and technology staff members to create opportunities to use the archives as a resource for teaching and learning. [Read more...]


Angela Mullins '00Whenever and wherever Angela Mullins speaks, you listen. You can't help it.

There is passion and energy in her voice. Her hands punctuate the air as she makes her points. Her eyes engage you, as if you are the only one in the room.

She commands attention—whether she is standing in the dance studio of Balfour-Hood during a Men of Color conference, speaking candidly about the trials and triumphs of the experiences that shaped her at Wheaton, or sitting on a sofa in the Filene Center during a Homecoming career workshop, telling students that any dream is attainable. [Read more...]