Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Amanda-Joy Febles ’12

Amanda-Joy Febles, ’12, Fulbright Scholar to IndonesiaAmanda-Joy Febles ’12, an English major from Providence, R.I., will travel to Indonesia as a Fulbright Scholar to teach English to Indonesian children. When she was a high school student, Febles volunteered with her mother to lead informal English lessons for women and children who could not read or speak the language. That experience fueled a passion for teaching and writing that has inspired her to seek out new opportunities to exercise and share the power of language with others, from editorial internships to volunteer work in several elementary schools. “I enjoy the ‘aha’ moment that students have when they finally connect the dots about a concept. It’s amazing; you can see it in their faces, their posture, and how they raise their hands,” she says. “It makes me feel like I’ve helped to inspire intellectual curiosity and enabled my most doubtful students to believe in themselves.” [Read more...]

Iraimi Mercado ’12

Iraimi Mercado '12Iraimi Mercado ’12, a sociology major from Brockton, Mass., says that the YMCA holds a special place in her heart. The organization provided critical support when her family was going through challenging times. Now, she plans to give back on a global scale as a recent winner of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. She will explore YMCAs around the world and learn the different building blocks of positive youth development. A native of the Dominican Republic, she will travel to Glasgow, Scotland; Dakar, Senegal; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Negombo, Sri Lanka. Working with YMCA staffs in the various locations, Mercado hopes to discover each culture’s particular method of supporting and empowering youth, and by extension, the community. [Read more...]

Margaux Fisher ’12

Margaux Fisher '12Margaux Fisher ’12, of New Orleans, relishes opportunities to dive into new cultures. When she was 14, she traveled to China with her mother and fell under the country’s spell. She returned there last year as a student-teacher. Now the anthropology major is heading back to Asia as a Fulbright Scholar to Taiwan, where she will teach English and immerse herself in its culture. “What fascinates me about Taiwan and Taiwanese culture is how it’s a conglomeration of multiple cultures: Chinese (from many very different regions), Japanese, American and aboriginal Taiwanese,” says Fisher, who has studied Mandarin for three years. “I think this makes for a very interesting mix of cultural practices. I am particularly drawn to the politics of identity and how education and history are involved in the making of identity.” [Read more...]

Kristin Petroff ’12

Kristin Petroff '12Kristin Petroff ’12, of Coon Rapids, Minn., has spent years engaging her passion for language, love of teaching, and interest in the classical world through her coursework at Wheaton and volunteer experiences on and off campus. Now, Petroff, who double majored in English and classical civilization, will get to apply all that she has learned by teaching English in Turkey as a Fulbright Scholar. An experienced tutor and mentor, she says she is looking forward to continuing to help non-native English speakers build their language skills. And “in return,” she says, “I hope to learn their language, customs and traditions. Learning languages not only lets us communicate with each other, but also gives us insight into the lives and cultures of those very different from our own.” [Read more...]