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The illustrious life of Nicole Tadgell ’91

Nicole Tadgell ’91Thank goodness for 90-degree days in Texas.

That’s where Nicole Lee Tadgell lived for several years as a child. It was so hot most days that she and her sister Sandy (Sandra Lee Foster ’90) had to find things to do that didn’t involve running around and playing outside in the sun.

So, they sat.

And they drew. [Read more...]

Quantum leaps

Samuel CoaleConnecting physics and literature, setting off intellectual fireworks

In my many years of experience as a professor, there is nothing like the excitement of a new idea or insight—that leap of thought that suddenly sends you off in search of new territories and discoveries. I’m reminded of that each time I prepare to teach “Sex, Lies and Quantum Leaps,” and I recall how it all began.

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The dancing doctor

Colleen Cavanaugh delivers babies and ballets

Last spring, when Colleen Cavanaugh ’76 was choreographing an adaptation of Pippi Longstocking for the professional dance company Festival Ballet Providence in Rhode Island, she would sometimes arrive just as rehearsal began dressed in scrubs, the pajama-like outfits worn by doctors and nurses.

Although the loose-fitting scrubs made it easy to move during a dance rehearsal, Cavanaugh had a more practical reason for wearing them: she was coming straight from her job as a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist. [Read more...]

The new normal

Fall 2010 Between the lines“How’s work going?”

Friends and family always seem to ask me that when I touch base with them, even though I have been working at Wheaton for three years now. I guess, given this economy, one never knows whether work is still “going” at all. Whenever they ask I never talk about the work, but instead I automatically talk about the people at work. I always say, “The people at Wheaton are so great!”

Well, sadly, some of those great people are no longer here, due to the economy. In June, Wheaton officials made the difficult decision to eliminate 29 staff positions (12 of which were vacant). Karen Mateer, our Wheaton Quarterly class notes editor, was one of those people whose position was eliminated.

Months after she has gone, we are still staring into her empty office and talking about how much we miss her on a deeply personal level, and how much she did for the college, the magazine, and the alumnae/i with whom she had close relationships. (You could tell Karen any name and she would know the class year and some interesting detail about that person.) I’m sure that we won’t stop lamenting her absence.

But at the same time we are figuring out how to move forward, as difficult as that will be. We want to maintain the high standards we (including the more than 75 class notes secretaries who voluntarily write the columns) have worked together to achieve. As a team, we are continuing our conversations about how to do that.

In the future, you may notice changes in the class notes section as we adjust. Some of the changes you may like, some you may not. We may do some things differently or not at all. But please know that we are committed to helping you stay connected to the college and to each other. We welcome your suggestions and appreciate your patience during this transition toward what I’ve been calling “the new normal.”

Change is never easy, but, as they say, it is the only constant in life.

So, “How is work?”

It’s going.