Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Taking center stage

Gardner McFallOne day in 1966 Gardner McFall's life changed forever.Though it has been 43 years, she can vividly recall the moment as if she were living it now:

She is 14 years old. She is at school in Jacksonville,Fla., leaving gym, rushing to her next class. She spots her mother and her mother's friend walking toward her on a pleasantly-warm-for-December day.Surprised and excited that her mother has come to visit her at school, she throws her arms around her.

'Why are you here?' McFall asks.

Her mom responds: "We've come to get you because your father is missing." [Read more...]

Celebrating 175 years

Eliza Baylies Chapin WheatonFounder's Day originated when the students at Wheaton Female Seminary gathered each year to bring roses to the home of Eliza Baylies Wheaton on her birthday. That home was the building across the street from Mary Lyon Hall, which now serves as the president's residence, and it was from there that Mrs. Wheaton carefully oversaw the development of the educational institution she had, in 1834, convinced her father-in-law, Judge Laban Wheaton,to found as a memorial to his recently deceased daughter, Elizabeth Wheaton Strong. After Mrs. Wheaton's death in 1905, what came then to be known as Founder's Day continued as an all-day celebration each fall on the Saturday closest to Mrs. Wheaton's birthday, attendance at which was required of all members of the Wheaton community. In time the ceremony was shortened to an approximately two-hour event held in the chapel, coinciding with the annual Alumnae Day festivities in the fall. [Read more...]

It happened in the Dimple

Dimple processionHoop rolling. Dimple diving. Political speak-outs. For most of Wheaton's history, the college green known as the Dimple has been the hub of campus life. And if the trees could talk, oh, the stories they would tell.

Like the one about the runaway cow. [Read more...]

From Wheaton to Washington

Robertson ("Rob") Gile '00Sitting in his IKEA-adorned apartment in Washington,D.C., the bald and goateed Robertson ("Rob") Gile '00 is funny and engaging as he talks about his life. He opens up about his elementary school years, high school and his time at Wheaton College. He points to Wheaton, where he graduated cum laude, as being pivotal in helping him focus and set his sights on the path that led to his career in national security and his new job as a foreign affairs officer.

But ask specific questions about the job where he spends most of his life and the room falls uncomfortably silent. The smile fades. The responses become evasive and vague. [Read more...]