Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Submitting digital images

Tips and guidelines

Because we're receiving more digital images for publication in the Quarterly, we've devised some simple guidelines for submitting digital photos.

Although many photos you take with your digital camera will look great on your computer screen, the transition to print publication isn't always possible because the printing process demands photos with far more information encoded in them; these photos are called high-resolution images.

Tip #1: Use a higher resolution setting on your digital camera or smartphone.

When taking class notes photos for the Quarterly, please set your camera's or smartphone's image size to at least 1280 x 960 (or set your digital camera to high, "superfine" or whatever term is used on your camera for the high resolution option). This will ensure that your photo meets the minimum technical qualifications for inclusion in the magazine.

Tip #2: Send your photos as attachments or on a CD.

We prefer images as JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or encapsulated PostScript (.eps) files. Please do not embed images in e-mail messages or word processing documents. When sending multiple images, you might find it easier to mail us a CD.

Tip #3: Turn off your camera's date stamp feature.

If you have questions about submitting digital images to the Wheaton Quarterly, call the Office of Communications at (508) 286-8235 or send e-mail to quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu.