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Gilman Scholar explores issues of identity in South Africa

Atiya McGhee 1Atiya McGhee ’14 spent the fall in South Africa, studying issues of identity that arise from racial segregation.

The senior won an award from the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program to support a semester-long exploration of South African society, from Cape Town and its Langa Township to the predominantly Afrikaans city of Stellenbosch.

“My experience was exhilarating,” said McGhee, who is a Wheaton Posse Scholar. “Between my first home stay in Langa to my final home stay in Bo-Kaap, I was overwhelmed with how much this journey did for me, particularly for my spirituality and growth as a person.”

A major in creative writing and literature, McGhee has been deeply interested in the ways in which segregation shapes identity, and how these perspectives are reflected and influenced by literature. Her interest in the narratives of segregated communities arises from her childhood, growing up in a creative community in the Bronx.

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Senior advocates for equality in the workplace

Sara Rosenblum '14Ever since Sara Rosenblum ’14 took the course “Feminism, Philosophy and the Law” during junior year, the issue of women’s equality in the workplace has been at the forefront of her thinking.

“Professor Stephen Mathis opened my eyes to the contradictions of society’s expectations of women, family and work,” she recalls of the class. “Our discussions were very deep, as students from many majors—including legal studies, women’s studies and philosophy—brought very different ideas to the table.”

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Wheaton welcomes six new tenure-track professors

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Christina Riggs Romaine

Assistant professor of psychology

Wheaton Professor Christina Romaine

My educational background: “My undergraduate degree is in psychology and art history from Gordon College. After graduation I worked in the field and then in research for three years before attending Drexel University, where I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a focus in forensic psychology. I came back to Massachusetts for an internship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and remained there for my post-doctoral fellowship, which consisted of working in the professional appointments in the Massachusetts Departments of Mental Health and Youth Services. In addition to being a professor, I am also a licensed clinical psychologist.”

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Professor focuses on visual sociology at seminar

Wheaton College Professor John GradyProfessor of Sociology John Grady, a past president of the International Visual Sociology Association, last summer was an invited scholar at the Visual Methods Seminar at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. The seminar provided an opportunity for attendees—mostly college professors and postdoctoral students—to explore the latest developments in visual research and to identify how these can be of use in their own current research. We talked to him about the seminar and his work.

What is the main focus of your research?

While I consider myself a general sociologist—interested in what is happening to society (both domestically and globally) and what should be done about it—I have for the most part focused on visual sociology or the study of images as social information. I am interested in what the study of visual evidence tells us about how society is organized and changes.

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