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Beyond brick and mortar

Gerry-Lynn Darcy ’95 creates connections through real estate

Gerry Lynn Photo

Gerry-Lynn Laudani Darcy ’95

These are busy days for property development executive Gerry-Lynn Laudani Darcy ’95, and they’re about to become busier still. The vice president of real estate for Lawrence, Mass.-based Lupoli Companies, which invests in Massachusetts cities facing particularly stubborn economic challenges, has been tapped by Governor Charlie Baker to serve on the prestigious University of Massachusetts Building Authority (UMBA).

As part of the 10-member volunteer board, she will help steer decisions about the infrastructure at the state school’s five campuses, lending her considerable background and experience to influence choices about capital expenditures around new construction, renovations, acquisitions and deferred maintenance.

Baker says he welcomes the skills she brings to the table.

“The University of Massachusetts Building Authority plays an important role in ensuring the success and advancement of the entire UMass system and its students. I am proud to have a consensus builder like Gerry-Lynn Darcy, with extensive expertise in real estate management, to serve the UMBA with dedication and passion,” he says.  [Read more...]