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Priscilla King Gray ’55 shares a Wheaton connection with her daughter Amy Gray Sluyter ’80 and granddaughter Hannah Wilson Army ’04. Priscilla’s husband, Paul Gray, is a Wheaton life trustee.

Nathaniel Hunt ’13 is preceded by his grandmother, Carolyn Betts Arnold ’56, his great-grandmother, Dorothy Wood Arnold ’23, and his great-great-great-grandmother, Frances DeWolf Rogerson Heath, who attended the Wheaton Female Seminary in the mid-1850s.

Hope Hamilton Pettegrew ’61, a trustee emerita, has held many leadership roles, including president of the Wheaton Alumnae/i Association. Her Wheaton daughters are Caroline Pettegrew Anderson ’87 and Ann Pettegrew Hoke ’89.

Virginia Loeb Weil ’42 was first in a long line of Wheaton grads: her daughters Vicki Weil ’65 and Rosalind Weil Markstein ’69, and grandchildren Nicholas Langman ’98 and Virginia Weil Markstein ’99. Virginia Loeb Weil’s husband, Robert Weil, is now a Wheaton trustee emeritus. Wheaton’s Weil Gallery in Watson Fine Arts was established in 2001 by the Weil family in honor of Virginia Loeb Weil.