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…Overcome the fear of public speaking

For 15 years, I avoided public speaking. Then an event occurred right out of an old-fashioned musical. The night before the year’s biggest industry conference, my boss lost his voice. Could I substitute for him as guest speaker? Yikes! I hardly slept that night. The next day, in front of 700 people (yes, I was counting), I not only got through it, I even received compliments. From then on I stopped trying to be so textbook and just went with being my likable, folksy self. Now I love public speaking. The moral of the story? Believe in yourself and be yourself. If you are invited to speak in public, remember that you were invited because you have something valuable to offer. Your audience will be grateful, not critical.

—Beverly Loew ’86

Loew, a resident of Arlington, Va., serves as assistant general counsel in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

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Lee Nash is an award-winning writer who lives in Cranston, R.I.