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…Develop a Twitter following

1) Follow people who have something in common with you, be it geographic area, profession, or a hobby. They are most likely to engage.

2) Consistently add value. People pay attention to useful information.

3) Complete your bio. People want to know a little about you.

4) Add your picture. People want to see you.

5) Customize your background. Using a stock background tells people that you’re not serious about Twitter.

6) Mix up your tweets. If all you do is sell and preach, few will follow. Twitter is about communicating and developing relationships. With few exceptions (celebrities, Amazon, RedSoxBot, etc.), tweeters who don’t engage don’t earn a captive audience.

—Christine Pilch ’87

Pilch is a partner in Grow My Company (www.GrowMyCo.com), which offers training on how to use social media to grow companies. She lives in Ware, Mass. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/christinepilch.

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