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Major requirements

Political Science major worksheet

The major in political science consists of ten semester courses, including four core courses and one course from each of the four area groupings. At least three of the ten courses must be at the 300 level or above. Majors should complete POLS 200 before their senior year and are encouraged to take MATH 141 for their math requirement. Any student may propose an individual major program for consideration by the department's entire faculty. The department welcomes individual research on the part of its majors.

Core courses

POLS 101 The American Political System
POLS 200 Modern Political Inquiry: An Introduction to Research Methods
POLS 401 Seminar
And one political theory course:
POLS 207 Classical and Medieval Political Theory
POLS 227 Modern Political Theory
POLS 307 Freedom and Justice
POLS 327 Black Political Thought
POLS 337 Power and the State
POLS 347 Islamic Political Thought
POLS 357 Violence and Revolution
POLS 367 Politics and Religion

One International relations

POLS 109 International Politics
POLS 209 Chinese Foreign Policy
POLS 229 United States Foreign Policy
POLS 249 Russian Foreign Policy
POLS 259 Contemporary Conflicts in World Politics
POLS 269 Popular Culture and World Politics
POLS 273 Inter-American Relations
POLS 309 International Law and Organization
POLS 329 Might, Manipulation and Morality: Power in Internationals Relations
POLS 339 Theories of International Relations
POLS 379 International Security Policy

One Comparative Western societies

POLS 115 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS 215 Contemporary European Governments and Politics
POLS 255 Russian Politics
POLS 325 European Integration
POLS 335 National Identity in the Post-Soviet Space
POLS 398 Comparative Social Policy

One Comparative non-Western

POLS 203 African Politics
POLS 223 Contemporary Chinese Politics
POLS 233 The Politics of Latin America
POLS 263 The Politics of the Middle East
POLS 323 Comparative Political Development
POLS 333 Popular Movements and Religious Sentiment in the Americas

One American

POLS 198 Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 201 Contemporary Urban Politics
POLS 211 Congress and the Legislative Process
POLS 231 The American Presidency
POLS 271 African American Politics
POLS 291 Judicial Politics
POLS 298 Political Parties
POLS 298 Congress and the Presidency
POLS 298 Urban Politics
POLS 321 Public Administration and Public Policy
POLS 326 Political Psychology
POLS 331 Principles of Political Advertising
POLS 341 Constitutional Law I: The Supreme Court and the Constitution
POLS 351 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POLS 398 American Empire: Past, Present, and Future
POLS 398 Public Opinion and Elections


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