Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College



Introductory courses

PHIL 099 Independent Study
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 111 Ethics
PHIL 121 Citizen and Society
PHIL 125 Logic
PHIL 198 Experimental Courses
PHIL 199 Independent Study

Intermediate courses

PHIL 203 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL 207 Modern Philosophy: The Enlightenment
PHIL 208 American Philosophy
PHIL 224 Minds and Machines
PHIL 225 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 233 Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 236 Aesthetics
PHIL 241 Bio-Ethics
PHIL 242 Medical Ethics
PHIL 245 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 255 Feminism, Philosophy and the Law
PHIL 260 How Judges Reason
PHIL 265 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 298 Experimental Courses
PHIL 299 Independent Study

Advanced courses

PHIL 311 The Nature of Morality
PHIL 312 Feminist Theory
PHIL 321 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 325 Metaphysics
PHIL 329 Nineteenth-Century Continental Philosophy
PHIL 388 Tutorial
PHIL 398 Experimental Courses
PHIL 399 Independent Study
PHIL 401 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy
PHIL 499 Independent Research
PHIL 500 Individual Research

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