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  • Experiential learning is part of the (strategic) plan

    The start of summer marks the beginning of an important part of students’ Wheaton education. Each year, as the spring semester comes to a close and faculty members submit the final grades for their classes, students are heading off to internship and research experiences across the country and around the globe—from Boston and Seattle to […] More »
  • Curriculum Review

    What goes into making sure Wheaton’s curriculum remains vibrant, cutting edge, and relevant? More »
  • Campus Update - March 2017

    Wheaton College is committed to being a responsible steward of its campus, buildings, resources, and the local environment to enhance the student experience. More »
  • Making the transition

    Navigating the changes that come with adjusting to college More »
  • Hall Closing

    The end of the academic year is nearly upon us. While your students are likely focused on their academics, it is easy to miss some important information about moving out of the Residence Halls. Here are some highlights that you should be aware of as you and your student(s) make plans to leave campus: All […] More »
  • Spring is in the air on Wheaton's campus.

    While your students are buckling down on coursework, they are also busy thinking about what is next. Whether it be a summer internship or their first steps after graduation, we are here to support your student.  Our intentional approach to advising guides students as they take advantage of experiences that will strategically support their future […] More »
  • But we just started? Planning for the Spring Semester

    As we approach the middle of the semester, your student has completed a fair amount of work for her/his courses, and developed a sense of where she/he stands academically at this point. The Fall Break hopefully provided them with some rest after midterms or some time to prepare for major mid-semester papers or exams. Whatever […] More »
  • You're Not Done Yet

    This resource from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility offers helpful guidelines about having a conversation about alcohol with your student before and after they head to college. More »
  • A Parent's Guide to NCAA Rules

    The purpose of this guide is to educate the parents of Wheaton student-athletes about some of the NCAA rules that apply to you and your son/daughter. More »
  • CORE: New Student (and Parent) Orientation, Aug 27

    Please take a look at the schedules for students and parents for Move-in Day, available here. More »