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News & Events

A selection of the latest stories, photos and videos about Wheaton people, programs and events, produced by members of our community. 

A helping hand

A helping handJohn Walsh '01, a librarian in Newton, Mass., creates low-cost prosthetics for people with the library's 3D printer.

Making music

Making musicTwo students spent the summer fixing up Wheaton's recording studio and using new technologies to create musical instruments, with support from an IMAGINE grant.

Cancer research in China

Cancer research in ChinaRaymond Zhang ’17, who seeks to better understand cancer, this summer joined the global effort to find a cure.

Tracking endangered primates

Tracking endangered primatesBuilding upon her passion for wildlife rehabilitation and conservation and her previous research experience, Lilia Trissler ’16 spent this summer in Belize tracking newly released Yucatan black howler monkeys.

Medicine in Ecuador

Medicine in Ecuador Aspiring physician Kelvin Ampem-Darko ’17, traveled to Ecuador over the summer to work at hospitals and in a kindergarten classroom, an opportunity made possible through Wheaton’s Davis International Fellowship program.

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