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News & Events

A selection of the latest stories, photos and videos about Wheaton people, programs and events, produced by members of our community.

An upgrade on the menu

An upgrade on the menuThe dining program at Wheaton is poised for a major upgrade to improve the quality and variety of offerings as well as the facilities serving students. The changes are slated to begin following the Fall 2014 semester and continue throughout 2015.

New fall courses

New fall coursesA number of new courses are being offered this fall, including studies on Beethoven, Chinese history, Islamic culture and the health science industry.

Bringing art, technology together

Bringing art, technology togetherWheaton has received a $500,000 grant to promote new approaches to teaching and learning in the arts and new media, in the classroom and beyond.

A matter of perception

A matter of perceptionMegan O'Toole '13 recently co-authored a paper with Associate Provost Gail Sahar on public perception of crime as it relates to prison reform. Now a doctoral student in psychology and law, O'Toole hopes one day to work with government officials to effect policy changes.

Major change

Major changeThis spring, Wheaton faculty voted to change the education minor program to an education major, recognizing the considerable work students put in toward state licensure.

Other News

  • Trailblazers

    Student athletes clear campus path for running, walking

  • Welcoming Mythcon

    Wheaton playing first-time host to annual conference for Tolkien scholars, fantasy enthusiasts

  • Action!

    Professor collaborates with alum and students on film

  • Fun with STEM

    Area middle schoolers spend day at Wheaton exploring science, technology, engineering and math

  • Happy Friday the 13th

    This could be your lucky day.