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Music Alums

  • Going Places - Montana Rogers ’14

    Hoping to better understand the country's culture, Montana Rogers heads to Bulgaria to study its musical history before pursuing grad school. More »
  • Alex Grover

    Alex Grover '09 is keeping busy in music. By day he teaches K-8 music in the Salem, MA public school system. In the afternoons, he leads an award-winning Salem High School a cappella ensemble. In the evenings he is performing in his first paid musical. More »
  • amanda daly

    Amanda Daly

    Amanda Daly '03. PhD Student in Ethnomusicology, Boston University; Singer. Amanda was the first independent Ethnomusicology major to graduate from Wheaton. More »
  • Ryan Saunders

    Ryan Saunders

    Ryan Saunders '00. Executive Director, Chorus of Westerly (R.I); Singer. An emerging and critical professional cultural field that has developed over the past decade is arts administration. More »
  • Jordan Trundy '10

    Jordan Trundy

    Jordan Trundy ’10. Apple Computer Employee, Baritone. My first year out of college took an unexpected but surprisingly excellent turn. More »
  • Parker Tichko

    Parker Tichko

    Parker Tichko ’10. Researcher on Infant Music Cognition, Composer, Producer, Music Critic. Parker graduated from Wheaton College with a double concentration in music and psychology. More »
  • Sarah Witri

    Sarah Witri

    Sarah Witri ’05. I am currently attending law school and doing immigration law work that I really like. More »
  • Ben Spalter

    Ben Spalter

    Ben Spalter. Development Officer, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Trumpeter. Stage fright was my reason for not performing for a living. More »
  • Brooke (Bisson) Hubner

    Brooke (Bisson) Hubner

    Brooke (Bisson) Hubner ’02. Church Organist, Wedding Musician, Grantwriter, Fulbright Recipient. More »
  • Sky Sabin

    Sky Sabin

    Sky Sabin ’10. Film Maker, Farmer, Surfer, Songwriter. Since graduation I have gradually begun to build a reputation as a film maker. More »