Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Our faculty of scholar/performers teach a diverse range of courses in theory, composition, musicology and performance.

Theory and Composition

MUSC 016 Sight Singing and Ear Training I
MUSC 107 The Physics of Music and Sound
MUSC 113 Introduction to Music Theory
MUSC 114 Music Theory I: Fundamentals of Harmonic Practice
MUSC 115 Music Theory II: Tonal Harmony
MUSC 207 Composition
MUSC 208 Songwriting
MUSC 214 Music Theory III: Form and Analysis
MUSC 215 Jazz Theory


MUSC 100 Introduction to Music
MUSC 125 Introduction to Music Technology
MUSC 204 Innovative Music Traditions of Trinidad and Tobago
MUSC 209 Western Music I: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque
MUSC 210 Western Music II: Classical, Romantic, Modern
MUSC 211 World Music: Eurasia
MUSC 212 World Music: Africa and the Americas
MUSC 221 Music and Dance of South Asia
MUSC 222 West African Mande Dance and Music
MUSC 223 Music of South America and Mexico
MUSC 224 Music of the Caribbean Basin: A Continent of Islands
MUSC 225 The Business of Music
MUSC 252 Opera
MUSC 253 Bach, Handel and the Baroque Style
MUSC 262 Vernacular Dance in America
MUSC 272 African American Originals I: Spirituals, Blues and All That Jazz
MUSC 273 African American Originals II: Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Contemporary Jazz
MUSC 275 A History of Popular Music in the U.S.A.
MUSC 282 Music and Worship in World Cultures
MUSC 292 Broadway Bound: American Musical Theatre
MUSC 302 'The Modern Composer Refuses to Die!': Music in the 20th Century
MUSC 308 Analytical Survey of Western Music
MUSC 309 Music Nationalism and Identity
MUSC 315 Politics of Movement
MUSC 316 Music, Sound and the Moving Image
MUSC 330 Arts Administration
MUSC 332 Teaching Music in the United States
MUSC 398 Beethoven
MUSC 398 Music Around Boston


See also Lessons.

MUSP 010 Wheaton College Chorale
MUSP 011 Audition for Chamber Singers
MUSP 015 Wheaton Chamber Orchestra
MUSP 020 Southeastern Massachusetts Wind Symphony
MUSP 025 Wheaton Jazz Band
MUSP 030 World Music Ensemble
MUSP 035 Wheaton Chamber Singers
MUSC 098 Experimental Courses
MUSC 242 Conducting

Advanced Study

MUSC 402 Senior Conference
MUSC 499 Independent Research
MUSC 500 Individual Research
Senior Recitals

Independent Study

MUSC 099 Selected Topics
MUSC 199 Selected Topics
MUSC 299 Selected Topics
MUSC 399 Selected Topics

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