Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton  The Art and Life of Jessica Park

The Art and Life of Jessica Park: Windows on the World of Autism

Jessy's art, reveals the life and mind and world of an autistic person who is also a fine artist, and shows how at least some of what might be called the defects or strangeness of autism can also become singular strengths.

—Oliver Sacks

This exhibit, a collaboration of Wheaton College and the Groden Network, Inc. (Providence, RI), celebrates the extraordinary art of Jessica Park. Jessica is a nationally renowned artist with autism. This work, with its diverse, highly imaginative utilization of brilliant colors, shapes, and forms, is both a celebration of the artist's life, and a visual illustration of the possibilities of artists with disabilities.

The Art and Life of Jessica Park contains over 40 images of Park's work, along with photographs of Jessica in her studio.

Jessica is represented by Pure Vision Arts, a division of the Shield Institute in New York City, and works primarily on commission. Her list of individual and group shows is impressive, and she has received numerous awards and recognition for her art.