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Major requirements

Italian Studies major worksheet

The major in Italian studies consists of at least nine courses (starting with ITAS 200 or above). At least four of the nine courses must be in Italian.


Nine courses from the following:
ITAS 200 Advanced Intermediate Italian
ITAS 220 Advanced Oral and Written Communication: Composition and Conversation
ITAS 235 Italian Women Writers in Translation
ITAS 260 Italian Civilization
ITAS 305 Infernos, Brothels and Courts
ITAS 306 Studies in Italian Literature II
ITAS 320 Italian Cinema
ITAS 330 Modern Italian Theatre
ARTH 231 Italian Medieval Art and Culture
ARTH 232 Art and Architecture of the 14th and 15th Centuries in Italy
ARTH 274 Visualizing Ancient Rome
ITAS 310 Fashion, Sex and the City

ARTH 401 Seminar

Other combinations are also possible, if students take advantage of special courses that deal directly with Italy and/or Italians in America offered by other departments. Such courses will vary from year to year.

We also encourage majors to spend their junior year abroad with an approved program, such as Middlebury in Florence or Ferrara and the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) in Milan or Rome.

Italian Studies majors will complete their major capstone experience in their senior year. The major capstone experience in Italian Studies will consist of advanced work in the field or in an interdisciplinary area of the field. Senior majors can take an upper level experimental Itas 398 course, when offered; engage in original and independent research by requesting an Itas 399; or take an enhanced version of an upper level Italian course offered in their senior year. The learning outcome will generally consist of a long research paper in Italian in a literary or interdisciplinary area of student interest.

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