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  • Alexis posing

    The good fight

    Alexis Nieves's ’14 interest in law has earned him acceptance into the LatinoJustice LAWbound 2012 summer program and an internship with the Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation. More »
  • Deisi Cuate: Suffolk University’s DiscoverLaw.org Plus Program / Global Learning and International Program in Costa Rica

    During the month of June 2012, I attended Suffolk University’s DiscoverLaw.org Plus program, where I received a curriculum that covered key principles and history of various types of law, including communication, tort, sexuality, and gender law. I also received insight in law careers through interactions with Boston's legal leaders and commonwealth seminars. I had the […] More »
  • Marise Jiménez: CBS NYC

    New York City was my home for the summer and CBS news was the reason for being there. This past spring 2012 I was studying abroad in Spain when I got the wonderful news of being part of the CBS news team for the summer of 2012. I was thrilled to be accepted into the […] More »
  • Molly Skaltsis: Amazon Waterfalls Association Summer 2012

    I extensively searched for a program in which my money left my hands only to be collected directly by those campesinos providing for me. I found that with Amazon Waterfalls Association, run by a 75 year old man with 25 years experience in the region. This summer I lived in central Perú in a small […] More »
  • Melissa C. Barón: HBO Internship Summer 2012

    As I look back into my summer at HBO, I recall one of the best summers of my life. I met so many inspiring powerful people. Among the bunch I met quite a few who took extra time out of their busy schedules to help mentor me and guide me into the right direction. I […] More »
  • Marise Jimenez

    Marise Jiménez: MTV

    In my years of schooling there are passions that stand above the rest, for one thing, observing, and reporting has been a skill that I possess. The experiences I have gained in my wide spectrum of internships have served me to apply these talents into a working profession in which I have a drive for. […] More »
  • Melissa Baron

    Melissa C. Barón: Univision Networks

    All right, so I have three months off from college to spend the summer in my beautiful sunny hometown Miami, Florida. Those who know me very well know I do not like to pass my days doing absolutely nothing that isn’t productive. So of course, I applied for a summer internship! As soon as Univision […] More »
  • Alice Kellogg

    Alice Kellogg

    Alice Kellogg is a ELL Teacher at Joseph P. Keefe Tech High School. More »